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April 2, 2020 15:00

We are making two changes to our Domain Expiration flow that we want you to be aware of.


When a domain hits expiration and is not renewed, we trigger an email to the customer. In the past, our emails have said that an expiring domain needs to be renewed within the next 42 days. As this was confusing to customers, we are changing the wording to be that an expiring domain needs to be renewed in the next 30 days. The change is meant to assist customers in understanding how much time they have left to renew. Even with this new wording, the customer does still have 42 days before the domain is removed from their account.

Disruption of Service

In order to make sure that customers are aware there is an issue they need to resolve, when the domain is 5 days post expiry, we will disrupt the customers DNS and MX records.

Both of these changes are to address issues customers have brought up of not being aware there was an issue and it being difficult to know when the domain was actually being removed. We hope with these changes, the customer experience improves overall.

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