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April 9, 2020 03:26

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Whoa: lost in UDRP

Panel orders valuable domain name transferred. A three-member National Arbitration Forum panel has ordered the domain name transferred in a cybersquatting complaint. The case pitted 投诉人为 The Zippertubing Company (以下简称“投诉人”)vs 被投诉人为 wangxinguang(以下简称“被投诉人”). The decision is in Chinese, and Google translate is a little rough. But this does not appear to be a case of […]

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UDRP Filed on Two Letter .Com Domain

A UDRP has been filed on a two letter .Com domain name It appears the domain name was owned in 2014 by Cincinnati Bell Telephone/Fuse Internet then transferred into privacy in September 2014, then transferred to a Raymond Liu in August 2015 and then was transferred to another Chinese buyer in October 2015, and […]

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