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January 25, 2020 07:55

You are browsing the archive for Worldwide Media. : Former Worldwide Media asset sends LLL .com prices lower

The average price of LLL .com domains sustained another hit on July 4th, when, a domain formerly owned by Mike Berkens of Worldwide Media, sold for only $14,000 dollars. was auctioned off at NameJet, and it’s part of the large portfolio sale by Worldwide Media to GoDaddy and its NameFind subsidiary. It’s not […]

Read more : Microsoft acquires former WorldWide Media domain

Microsoft has acquired, a domain that was owned by Mike Berkens‘s WorldWide Media company. The domain was part of the massive domain portfolio sale to GoDaddy last year, for a reputed $35 million dollars. According to our research, was acquired from the GoDaddy portfolio managers, NameFind, by using the usual corporate 3rd party […]

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Did GoDaddy pay $35.5 million for Michael Berkens’ portfolio?

Maybe… GoDaddy released earnings today. Although the company doesn’t directly disclose how much the company paid for Michael Berkens’ Worldwide Media domain name portfolio, there’s a clue. As of the end of September, the company’s cash flow reconciliation included $30.7 million used for acquisitions. At the end of the year, the number spiked to $66.2 […]

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Like fine German wine : Mike Berkens’s strong position with gTLDs continues

It’s an abnormally cold Sunday in Florida, but that won’t slow down domain investor and popular blogger, Mike Berkens. After selling the bulk of his domain portfolio to GoDaddy for a reputed eight figures, Mike Berkens and WorldWide Media, Inc., continue to invest in the lucrative gTLD domain space. Two new gTLDs currently in EAP […]

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Global Domain Warming : 70,000 domain portfolio sale to GoDaddy addressed in Paris

The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference was held in Paris, France, from November 30th to December 12th, 2015. The so-called “Global Warming” conference imposed a strict 2-degree (Celsius) acceptable limit in global temperature increase. With this in mind, starting in 2017, all humans on the planet will be assigned a maximum amount of carbon […]

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Most Wanted Domains .com goes dark – Adult.Domains launches

Within 48 hours of the tremendous domain portfolio sale of 70,000 domains by Worldwide Media, Inc. to GoDaddy, the changes are already rolling. First and foremost, a list of 106 valuable LLL .com domains is now listed on Afternic; each individual domain seems to carry a minimum offer of $10,000 dollars. Expect these domains to […]

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Why Marchex and WWM domain name acquisitions make sense for GoDaddy

Unique characteristics make these portfolios valuable to GoDaddy. Worldwide Media’s portfolio is a good match for GoDaddy’s business model. GoDaddy made the surprising announcement on Monday that it had purchased Michael Berkens’ domain name portfolio. It was surprising because I had no idea Michael Berkens’ Worldwide Media (WWM) portfolio was for sale. But it’s unsurprising […]

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GoDaddy acquisition : Huge LLL .com portfolio of Worldwide Media Inc domains

Worldwide Media, Inc., the managing entity founded by domain investor, Michael Berkens, dominated the news yesterday. GoDaddy acquired a 70,000-strong portion of the Worldwide Media, Inc. domain portfolio, opting to leave out adult domain names and new gTLDs. It is obvious that GoDaddy, wishing to maintain a squeaky clean public image popular with small businesses […]

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Conspiracy : Small domain portfolio holder upset with GoDaddy!

A small domain portfolio holder is upset with GoDaddy, and quite understandably so. Matt Gherkins of Ontario, Canada, cannot fathom the news of GoDaddy acquiring the Worldwide Media portfolio; in fact, he’s quite livid. “So that goes to show how big fish domainers cut the line and get ahead of us other domain investors, selling […]

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Berkens flogs the lot to Go Daddy

Domain investor Mike Berkens has sold almost his entire portfolio of domain names to Go Daddy, both parties said today. Berkens’ company, WorldWide Media sold about 70,000 names to the company, which plans to list most of them on its Afternic Fast Transfer Network. That’s the service that tries to streamline the purchasing of premium-priced […]

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