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April 8, 2020 11:36

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See, now here’s a good non-response UDRP decision

Panelist correctly denies complaint despite no response from domain name owner. Yesterday I wrote about a a no good, very bad UDRP decision in which the domain owner didn’t respond but the panelist still shouldn’t have awarded the domain name to the complainant, Virgin. Today comes a World Intellectual Property Organization decision with a non-response […]

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Panelist makes right call in case

Panelist questions bad faith claim despite no response from domain name owner. A World Intellectual Property Organization panelist has correctly denied a UDRP filing for, despite the complainant having a long-standing trademark for Zeca and the domain name owner not responding to the dispute. is parked but doesn’t have ads for auto parts […]

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Should Zions Bank have been hit with Reverse Domain Name Hijacking?

Panelist questions Zions Bank’s decision to file a UDRP. I want to give World Intellectual Property Organization panelist Tony Willoughby some credit. He recently decided a case involving Zions Bank. He found in favor of a person in Pakistan who registered to start a VPN internet service. It was quite clear what the registrant’s […]

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FIFA wins cybersquatting claim

Soccer’s governing body gets to use along with its domain name. A World Intellectual Property Organization panel has awarded soccer’s (sorry, football) governing body the domain name Fédération Internationale de Football Association, aka FIFA, filed a cybersquatting complaint against Winsum Wong of China. Wong did not appear to be using the […]

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Spanish company that uses can’t have A World Intellectual Property Organization panel has denied a UDRP filed against the domain name, but the panel did not consider if the complainant was guilty of reverse domain name hijacking. Información, Control y Planificación, S.A., a diversified company in Spain that uses the domain name […]

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Reverse domain name hijacking in case

Hospital organization tried to reverse hijack valuable domain names, panel says. Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève, a group of hospitals in Geneva, has been found to have engaged in reverse domain name hijacking over the domain names, and The hospital organization filed a UDRP against the owner of the domain names after it […]

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Zak Muscovitch gets reverse domain name hijacking win

Complainant filed UDRP after failing to acquire domain name during rebrand. Domain name and trademark attorney Zak Muscovitch has successfully defended the domain name in a UDRP, getting a finding of reverse domain name hijacking for his client. Intellect Design Arena Limited, which recently renamed its Slack-like corporate social network product from Octopus to […]

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Tejano band Intocable lets domain expire, loses cybersquatting claim

Whoever dropped the ball on renewing this domain really screwed up. Grammy-nominated Tejano/Norteño musical group Intocable has lost a cybersquatting complaint it filed to recover the domain name It filed the case after it neglected to renew the domain. The music group filed a UDRP against the previous owner of the domain in 2015. […]

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Another UDRP that should have never been filed was registered many years before the complainant had rights to iCloak. A World Intellectual Property Organization panel has rejected a UDRP for the domain name It’s another example of a case that was dead on arrival, and one that future UDRP rules should prevent from being filed. Simply put, the complainant tried to […]

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The late Igal Lichtman, aka Mrs Jello, loses a horrible UDRP decision

Panel re-writes UDRP and “registered in bad faith” requirement. The heirs of the late Igal Lichtman, commonly known in domain name circles as Mrs Jello, have lost a UDRP decision for the common name The case was filed by Australian clothing company Camilla Australia Pty Ltd, which uses the domain A three person […]

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