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February 17, 2020 07:20

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Finally upgraded to #WordPress 5.x – with a caveat!

After several weeks of beta testing the new WordPress 5.x we have safely upgraded to the latest version of this popular CMS. We warned domain bloggers about rolling with the new version and with good reason: lots of web sites depending on WordPress reported having issues with the new embedded editor, Gutenberg. During the test […]

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Automattic readies CrowdSignal survey platform

Company acquires and applies for trademarks. Automattic, the company behind, is getting ready to launch an online polling/survey platform. The company recently acquired The domain name and has registered many variants of domains with “CrowdSignal” in them. currently resolves to a WordPress site that is protected. At the end of September, […]

Read more and domain names – DNW Podcast #169

Kellie Peterson talks about what is seeing as a domain name registrar. operates a domain name registrar with a unique characteristic: almost all of the domain names it registers are for end users that put them to use with a live website. Kellie Peterson, who manages the registrar, explains what she is seeing […]

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Gutenberg : You might have to turn off your WordPress automatic updates

WordPress powers almost 28% of the top 10 million websites and it’s quite versatile as a content management, publishing system. For security reasons, WordPress automatically updates itself these days, but there are major changes looming ahead. Sometime early next year, WordPress will roll out Gutenberg, an improved editing system that changes its core structure. Currently, […]

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7 Signs Your WordPress Website Has Been Hacked

One of the reasons WordPress is so popular as a content management system is because of its airtight security (read: it’s rare ability to be hacked). But the truth is, 136,640 attacks are happening per minute to WordPress websites across the globe. That’s a scary thought. No matter how secure you think your WordPress website […]

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Quick and Easy Ways to Boost User Engagement on Your WordPress Website

Here are ways to improve user engagement on your website. Have you developed one of your domain names into a website built on WordPress? Now it’s time to build up traffic to the site and get people to stay and return. So now what? It is not enough to get visitors to your site. You […]

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.blog tops 100,000 names, 66,500 blogs

The new gTLD .blog has gone through the 100,000 registered domain mark, according to its registry. Knock Knock Whois There said that the milestone was reached with the registration of today. It’s a pretty good start for the gTLD, which went into general availability last November, making for an average of 12,500 names added […]

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.blog renewal prices will not go up, registry promises

Knock Knock Whois There, the .blog registry, has promised not to raise its wholesale fees on existing registrations. The company, which is affiliated with WordPress, seems to have made the move in response to ongoing registrar discomfort following Uniregistry’s plan to significant raise the price of several of its new gTLDs (which has since been […]

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WordPress promises not to increase prices on .Blog domain name renewals

WordPress and its company Knock Knock WHOIS There that owns the rights to the .blog domains announced an amendment to the .blog Registry-Registrar Agreement. Changes will be effective on July 15th, 2017. WordPress said that keeping things simple allows registrars and resellers to focus on their core business. The modifications they made are: The addition […]

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The one WordPress plugin I don’t mind spending money on every month

One of the things I’ve always really appreciated about WordPress is the incredibly rich plugin ecosystem. You’ve heard the phrase, “there’s an app for that” well in the world of WordPress it’s pretty safe to say that for just about anything you’d want to do, “there’s a plugin for that.” From SEO to managing blog ads, […]

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