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January 17, 2018 02:48

You are browsing the archive for wipo. domain UDRP : Bayer trademark is alive and well in Germany

If you think that “aspirin” is a generic word, devoid of any trademark protection, think again. The poster boy for trademark death by genericide, aspirin isn’t a registered trademark in the US – at least, not on its own. In Germany, however, that’s another story. Aspirin has been a registered trademark since 1999, although the […]

Read more : Twenty year old domain saved from UDRP claiming rights to “KF”

Twenty years ago, the two letter domain was registered by Matthias Felger; little did he know, that his nickname would be challenged via the UDRP process. The Complainant is John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Inc. d/b/a Knight Foundation. They asserted that the domain represents the shortened variant of their domain,, […]

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Eco and echo : Greek root of words explained in UDRP decision

A UDRP decision for the domain, resulted in some Greek grammar analysis. Ecomedia AG of Nänikon, Switzerland filed a UDRP against EchoMedia GmbH, of Wollerau, Switzerland. So one company operates from and the other from The Complainant argued that this would create “unacceptable confusion.” The WIPO panel drilled into the root of […]

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new gTLDs made up 16 percent of the 2016 cases at WIPO published an article on the WIPO annual report. In that article William New broke down some statistics related to domain disputes. 2016 showed an increase of 10% in domain cases. From the article: In 2016, the total number of WIPO cybersquatting cases rose 10 percent, with a record 3,036 cases brought by trademark owners, […]

Read more : UDRP fails, as domain predates Complainant’s trademark

The UDRP against the aged domain,, was denied at the WIPO; the Complainant was Aldez Containers LLC of Almont, Michigan. According to the UDRP, the Complainant alleged first use of is trademark, ALDEZ, in 1998, the same year that the .com domain was registered. However, the trademark was only applied for in 2016 and […]

Read more : UDRP ends up in loss of 12 year old domain

The UDRP against the generic domain,, resulted in its loss for the Respondent, Nokta Internet Technologies. Registered in 2005, the domain is a generic plural, comprising of the terms “steel” and “cases.” There was a problem: STEELCASE is a registered trademark, and the Complainant, Steelcase Inc., asserted that their mark is far from “merely […]

Read more : UDRP points out Respondent’s domain use, despite lacking tm match

The domain was just lost via the UDRP process; the Complainant was Johnson & Johnson of New Brunswick, New Jersey. The Complainant’s basis for asserting this complaint is its use, registration and ownership of the AVEENO and AVEENO BABY trademarks (the “AVEENO Marks). The Complaint asserts that its AVEENO product line dates back more […]

Read more is a stolen domain that belongs to photographer Rolfe Horn

The domain is stolen, and it’s an asset that belongs to a famous photographer, Rolfe Horn. Strangely, it was recently involved in a UDRP case filed by an Australian fitness company, F45 Training Pty Ltd, that tried to acquire it from the current registrant, for $15,000 dollars. The only snag: the seller, Oleksandar Shapoval […]

Read more : Another UDRP squashed by John Berryhill

IP attorney, John Berryhill, squashed the dreams of yet another aggressor; the UDRP against, a 1999 domain registration, failed at the WIPO. The Complainant is Adventum Real Estate, S.L. of Madrid, Spain, represented by Lerroux, Spain. The Complainant owns a Spanish trade mark registration for ADVENTUM under number M-3011914 which was filed on December […]

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Splunk UDRP : Malware spreading from bogus domain

The IDN domain spł has been used to spread malware and perform phishing attacks, riding on the coat-tails of the real Splunk brand. Splunk Inc. of San Francisco, filed a UDRP to take over the domain, which translates as in ASCII. The decision: Transfer the domain. Details follow: Splunk Inc. v. Super Privacy Service […]

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