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February 28, 2020 02:45

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#Alfaleads .com : Aged #domain got hit with #UDRP from a #Chinese company

The domain was registered in 2012, and in 2019 a Chinese company with Russian trademarks filed a UDRP against the domain’s registrant. It’s clear that the domain’s public content hasn’t been updated since 2012, as it asks visitors to “Check back in 2013 for new promotions and contests.” The domain is being used as […]

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#Stöbich vs #Stobich .com : An #umlaut didn’t matter in this #UDRP decision

Registered in 1998, the domain name was taken through the UDRP process at the WIPO, where it was lost. Stöbich Brandschutz GmbH, the owner of the Stöbich mark, uses the German umlaut that is transliterated as “oe” – indeed, they operate from the domain According to the UDRP, the Complainant used to own […]

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#Funiber .com : How a “24/7 lawyer” lost one more #UDRP at the #WIPO

If you proclaim to be a “24/7 lawyer” but just lost your third UDRP case, there’s got to be something fishy going on. The domain name was taken through the UDRP process at the WIPO, and its Korean registrant did not respond. The Complainant is Fundación Universitaria Iberoamericana (Funiber), Spain, asserting rights to the […]

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#Wekit .com : A 2005 #domain name faced the #UDRP process

The domain was registered in 2005. A decade and a half later, it was hit with a UDRP. The case was filed at the WIPO by Advice Group S.p.A., Italy, that asserted rights to the WEKIT mark, stemming from a 2018 trademark registration. The Chinese registrant and Respondent in this case, did not respond. […]

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Boca Juniors .com #UDRP : #Argentina sports club takes over 24 year old #domain name

Boca Juniors is a popular sports association in Argentina, founded in 1905. The Buenos Aires club owns trademarks for BOCA JUNIORS going back to 1983. The club operates from and the matching .com, was registered in 1996. In a UDRP filed by Club Atlético Boca Juniors Asociación Civil, Argentina, the domain was transferred […]

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A look at the history of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking

With the news out today that was saved in a UDRP complaint, though there was no finding of reverse domain name hijacking. There is an article published by Gerald M. Levine a few weeks back at that’s worth reading. Mr. Levine takes a look back at the history of RDNH and provides some […]

Read more : Domain was saved from #UDRP – Seven figure sales price revealed!

The aged domain was taken to the WIPO via the UDRP process, and the result is in: Transfer was denied. Bremer Toto und Lotto GmbH, Germany, fired up their lawyers and asserted rights to the German trademark registration number 39638296 for LOTTO, registered on August 27, 1997. Meanwhile, was registered in 1994 according […]

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#LunaCargo : Complainant in #UDRP skips $800 payment for costly process

The UDRP Complainant in the case involving the domain name, ignored a sales price for the domain set at $800 dollars. The price was discounted from 8,500 EUR before the UDRP was filed. LunaJets SA, Switzerland, went on filing the UDRP, which costs double as much to file, using in-house lawyers most likely. This […]

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#Swiss trademark : #domain lost in #UDRP after 21 years, a domain name registered in 1998, has been lost via the UDRP process; the Respondent did not respond. When such a lack of response fails to deliver the Respondent’s angle, the fact that 21 years passed since the registration of mattered little. It appears that the BOLEX mark belongs to a Swiss camera […]

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#Danish corp tries to get “casual Friday” #domain via the #UDRP process

A Danish company that somehow registered the CASUAL FRIDAY mark, tried to get the domain via the UDPR process. It’s amazing that such a generic phrase, at least in the US, is used as a trademark for goods and services. DK Company Vejle A/S, Denmark, attempted to grab this domain from an American registrant. […]

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