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March 18, 2018 19:37

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Namecheap accuses GoDaddy of delaying transfers

GoDaddy broke ICANN rules and US competition law by delaying outbound domain transfers yesterday, and not for the first time, according to angry rival Namecheap. March 6 was Namecheap’s annual Move Your Domain Day, a promotion under which it donates $1.50 to the Electronic Frontier Foundation for every inbound transfer from another registrar. It’s a […]

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Whois privacy will soon be free for most domains

Enormous changes are coming to Whois that could mark the end of Whois privacy services this year. ICANN has proposed a new Whois model that would anonymize the majority of domain name registrants’ personal data by default, only giving access to the data to certain certified entities such as the police. The model, published on […]

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DENIC to remove all personal info from Public Whois on .De domains

Germany’s .DE domain will show even less information in Whois going forward. Whois information for one of the world’s largest country code domain names is about to change. DENIC, the group that runs Germany’s .DE domain name, announced changes that will slim down an already restricted Whois output. The group reviewed its Whois policy as […]

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Why are you doing that Whois search? DENIC wants to know

In a taste of what might be coming under EU privacy legislation, DENIC wants you to jump through some new hoops before it lets you see Whois data. When doing a Whois query on its web site today, the German ccTLD registry first asks you to answer the question: “How do you justify your legitimate […]

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US and EU call for Whois to stay alive

Government officials from both sides of the Atlantic have this week called on ICANN to preserve Whois as it currently is, in the face of incoming EU privacy law, at least for a select few users. The European Commission wrote to ICANN to ask for a “pragmatic and workable solution” to the apparent conflict between […]

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U.S. Gov: Whois info must remain available

New NTIA chief pushes back on effort to scale back Whois information. David Redl, the new head of the U.S. National Telecommunications and Information Administration, told an audience at State of the Net 2018 today that Whois data must remain available. Speaking about efforts to obscure Whois information to comply with the EU’s new privacy […]

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#WHOIS wars : Withheld by #GoDaddy is a new #DomainTools warning tag

The war of WHOIS information is escalating, and DomainTools is on the offensive. GoDaddy is now keeping part of the publicly available WHOIS information private, for domains that are queried via third party tools. At first, we thought that DomainTools had a special agreement with the largest domain registrar in the world, to display the […]

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DomainTools scraps apps and APIs in war on spam

DomainTools is to scrap at least five of its services as it tries to crack down spam. It’s getting rids of its mobile apps, its APIs, and is to stop showing registrants’ personal information to unauthenticated users. CEO Tim Chen told us in an email at the weekend: The Android app is no longer supported. […]

Read more and domain names – DNW Podcast #169

Kellie Peterson talks about what is seeing as a domain name registrar. operates a domain name registrar with a unique characteristic: almost all of the domain names it registers are for end users that put them to use with a live website. Kellie Peterson, who manages the registrar, explains what she is seeing […]

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Three ways ICANN could gut Whois

ICANN has published three possible models of how Whois could be altered beyond recognition after European privacy law kicks in this May. Under each model, casual Whois users would no longer have access to the wealth of contact information they do under the current system. There may also be a new certification program that would […]

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