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January 29, 2020 11:38

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How one guy games new gTLD sunrise periods

Wanna buy a SOCIAL brand pen for a dollar? No? How about social.web or or One intellectual property lawyer closely associated with a number of new gTLD registries has been using a flimsy online pen-selling business in order to obtain potentially valuable domains during sunrise periods. Thomas Brackey of Beverley Hills law firm […]

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Registrars screwing up new gTLD launches?

Some of the largest domain name registrars are failing to support new gTLDs properly, leading to would-be registrants being told unregistered names are unavailable. The .menu gTLD went into general availability yesterday, gathering some 1,649 registrations in its first half day. It’s not a great start for the new gTLD by any stretch, but how […]

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.Green and .Wedding contention sets settled in multi-million dollar auctions

Two three-applicant contention sets are resolved. The .green and .wedding new top level domain name contention sets have been resolved in private auctions. It’s unclear which company won the .green auction as applications have not yet been withdrawn. However, Top Level Domain Holdings (Minds + Machines) announced today it was on the losing end of […]

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First Donuts new gTLD sunrise periods looking tiny

It’s possible that fewer than 1,200 domain names were registered in Donuts’ first seven new gTLD sunrise periods, judging by the latest zone file data. According to Donuts zone files dated January 31, just 1,164 proper domain names currently exist in .clothing, .bike, .guru, .ventures, .holdings, .singles and .plumbing. By TLD, the names break down […]

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Two more new gTLDs delegated

The new gTLDs .menu and .uno have gone live on the internet. Both appear to have been delegated to the DNS root zone at some point over the last few days — and are both resolving right now, though takes you to an Apache status page. The Latino-focused .uno is the first […]

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New gTLDs bring back tiered renewal pricing

Only one mass-market TLD used it, and it’s often considered a bad idea, but variable pricing for domain name renewals is making a comeback with the launch of new gTLDs. What Box? and Plan Bee are the first two new gTLD registries to start selling domains with tiered renewal fees, in .menu and .build respectively, […]

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