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April 9, 2020 04:18

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Wells Fargo Settlement : Fake bank accounts led to a class action lawsuit

The Wells Fargo scandal unfolded several months ago, with bank employees creating millions of fake bank accounts for customers. The Bank’s CEO encouraged employees to implement his mantra of “eight is great,” meaning that eight different services in the possession of every Wells Fargo customer would be the ideal number. For several years, Wells Fargo […]

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Will Amazon Kill FedEx? JOHN McAFEE: Will Make The Cloud ‘Completely Obsolete’ (Fighting To Regain TM on HIS Name)

This Is The Next Multibillion Marketing Opp: iMessage App Store; HP Buys Samsung’s Printer Business in $1.05 Billion Deal; Hey Mom – I got fired from Wells Fargo, and oh yeah, you may have a few credit cards; The Job You Always Wanted… But Never Knew Existed; Why Would A CEO Give IT Responsibility To […]

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Phishing domain takes advantage of Wells Fargo subdomain structure

Domain phishing is one of the primary techniques cybercriminals use, in order to steal personal and financial information. Posing as legitimate web sites such as banks, phishing emails direct their unsuspecting victims to a portal that resembles that of a major, reputable institution. To make things more believable, cybercriminals study and often replicate the full […]

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Wells Fargo (.MOBI) Morphs Into Get Banking Done (.com)- Hashtag Carries Equal Weight to Domain Call-to-Action

Have a look at what .Mobi thought it could be. It still has potential as a delivery brand. That’s why any cctld or gTLD is only as good as ideas and the marketing behind them. BTW, with Walgreens and Home Depot Purchases and other major corporations conceding to .com pressured by the “g’s”– it’s time […]

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