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November 21, 2019 08:14

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Strategy for Turning $15,000 Into $200,000; Swan Luv (.com) — New Dating Site w/Twist: Divorcees Will Pay For Your Wedding

Bitcoin’s Creator Satoshi Nakamoto Is Probably This Unknown Australian Genius; 3 Reasons Why Your Expenses Cost Too Much; How Brian Lesser Built A Billion Dollar Digital Business Within WPP In Less Than Five Years; How Ad Agencies Must Transform In An IoT World; Sneakers display personalized animations on demand; Racist online comments posted on local […]

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New TLDs this week: .Flowers and .Wedding

Pick out your .flowers arrangement for the .wedding. Two top level domain names launch this week, and it’s fitting that they launch near the same time. Uniregistry launches .Flowers on Tuesday, April 7. You can pick these domains up at a number of registrars for about $20-$30. Of course, flowers are a key component of […]

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The best decision I ever made

Today is a very special day, it marks the two year anniversary of the best decision I ever made in my life. That’s right, two years ago I asked my best friend in the entire world to become my wife. We just got back from a wonderful dinner and now it’s time for some Star Trek. […]

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.Green and .Wedding contention sets settled in multi-million dollar auctions

Two three-applicant contention sets are resolved. The .green and .wedding new top level domain name contention sets have been resolved in private auctions. It’s unclear which company won the .green auction as applications have not yet been withdrawn. However, Top Level Domain Holdings (Minds + Machines) announced today it was on the losing end of […]

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.wedding and .green gTLD auctions raise millions

Two more new gTLDs — .wedding and .green — have been auctioned off, with proceeds amounting to millions of dollars. Top Level Domain Holdings said in a press release that it won .wedding and lost .green, which cost it a net $2.23 million. That’s the amount it paid for .wedding, minus its share of the […]

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