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December 11, 2018 01:57

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As .wed goes EBERO, did the first new gTLD just fail?

A wedding-themed gTLD with a Bizarro World business model may become the first commercial gTLD to outright fail. .wed, run by a small US outfit named Atgron, has become the first non-brand gTLD to be placed under ICANN’s emergency control, after it lost its back-end provider. DI understands that Atgron’s arrangement with its small New […]

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National Public Radio Covers new gTLD’s (.WED, .XYZ) and Then Confuses Investors with Squatters

National Public Radio (NPR) covered the new gTLD’s back in April of this year when the new extensions were getting rolled out. In a year-end segment last week, they did an update on their April story, and checked in on the progress of two extensions they previously profiled: .WED and .XYZ. Adrienne McAdory from .WED […]

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10 more new TLDs hit the market this week. 1 will be a big flop.

Nine more new top level domain names enter general availability this week, including one that is going to have a miserable launch. The week is already off with a bang thanks to the two most successful first day new TLD launches so far. TLD Registry released Dot Chinese Online (.在线) and Dot Chinese Website (.中文网) […]

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Weirdest new gTLD launch yet? .wed launches with a single registrar

The new gTLD .wed went into sunrise yesterday with the strangest pricing model yet and a stringent Registry-Registrar Agreement that seems to have scared off all but one registrar. Atgron is positioning .wed as a space for marrying couples to celebrate their weddings, but only temporarily. It seemingly has little interest in domain investors or […]

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.Wed becomes one of the first new TLDs to submit a new registry service request

Company wants to let second level domain registrants transition to third level domain names. The ink is barely dry on Atgron, Inc.’s contract with ICANN to run the .wed top level domain name, and the company has already submitted a Registry Service request for a new service. The company is asking (pdf) to be able […]

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.pink and two other gTLDs get contracts

ICANN has signed Registry Agreements this week with three new gTLD applicants, covering the strings .wed, .ruhr and .pink. I would characterize these strings as a generic, a geographic and a post-generic. regiodot GmbH wants to use .ruhr as a geographic for the Ruhr region of western Germany while Atgron wants to providing marrying couples […]

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