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October 18, 2019 09:38

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Donuts rolls the dice with $22.5 million .web lawsuit

Donuts is demanding ICANN pay up the $22.5 million it reckons it is owed from the auction of the .web gTLD, which sold late last month for $135 million. The company yesterday amended its existing California lawsuit against ICANN to allege that Verisign tried to avoid regulatory scrutiny by secretly bankrolling successful bidder Nu Dot […]

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Donuts denied! .web auction to go ahead today

A California judge had denied Donuts’ eleventh-hour attempt to delay today’s .web gTLD auction. In a ruling late yesterday, Judge Percy Anderson rejected the company’s request for an emergency temporary restraining order preventing ICANN from selling off the premium gTLD. This means the auction is pretty much certain to go ahead starting at 1400 UTC […]

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Donuts files $10 million lawsuit to stop .web auction

Donuts has sued ICANN in an attempt to block the auction of the .web gTLD this Wednesday. The gTLD portfolio registry filed a lawsuit in California on Friday, seeking over $10 million in damages and a temporary restraining order to stop the auction going ahead. The complaint alleges breach of contract, negligence and unfair competition […]

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.web auction to go ahead after ICANN denies Donuts/Radix appeal

The new gTLD .web seems set to go to auction next week after ICANN rejected an 11th-hour delay attempt by two applicants. ICANN’s Board Governance Committee said yesterday that there is no evidence that applicant Nu Dot Co has been taken over by a deep-pocketed third party. The BGC therefore rejected Donuts’ and Radix’s joint […]

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Donuts joins fight to delay .web gTLD auction with emergency appeal

Donuts and Radix have filed an “emergency” appeal with ICANN in an attempt to get the forthcoming auction for the .web gTLD delayed. The companies, both of which have applied for .web, say they have evidence that one of their rival bidders recently changed ownership without telling ICANN, in breach of application rules. They filed […]

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.web has an auction date

The .web gTLD will go to auction June 27, according to ICANN. The organization released an updated auction schedule (pdf) on Wednesday night that also slates .kids/.kid for an auction on the same day. Both auctions have confusing “indirect contention” elements, where two strings were ruled confusingly similar. With .web, it’s lumped in with Vistaprint’s […]

Read more just gave itself another reason to bid high for .web gTLD

Registrar group is changing its stock market ticker symbol to WEB tomorrow, in another sign that it really, really wants to be identified with the string. The switch from WWWW may indicate that the NASDAQ-listed company’s six rivals for the new gTLD .web have a fight — and a possible big payday — on […]

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ICANN win leaves door open for plural gTLD rethink

ICANN has fought off an appeal by .webs gTLD applicant Vistaprint, in a case that considered the coexistence of singular and plural gTLDs. While ICANN definitively won the Independent Review Process case, the IRP panel nevertheless invited its board of directors to consider whether Vistaprint should be given a chance to appeal a decision that […]

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Vistaprint may have just delayed .Web by filing an Independent Review

Vistaprint challenges (again) string similarity between .web and .webs. What does this man for the .web timeline? Vistaprint is the latest new top level domain name applicant to invoke the Independent Review process regarding an application. The company is upset that a domain it applied for, .webs, has been placed in a contention set with […]

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.Web and .Webs: “There can be only one”

.Web and .webs top level domain name applications are now in a contention set. The International Centre for Dispute Resolution has handed in its final determination for the controversial String Confusion Objection process. In this case, won against Vistaprint’s two applications for .webs. As a result, .webs will now be in a contention set […]

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