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March 21, 2019 01:14

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Do you cover the webcam on your laptop? The FBI thinks your should…

For years I’ve wondered if I should go through the trouble of covering the webcam on my laptop. Honestly I’ve felt like it’s a bit of an urban legend that hackers could actually access your webcam and watch you without you knowing. Well, now that the FBI director is saying that you should, I think […]

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Famous Four following .sucks playbook with premium pricing for brands?

New gTLD registry Famous Four Media has slapped general availability prices of $500 and up on domain names matching famous brands. The company plans to shortly introduce eight “premium” pricing tiers, ranging from $200 a year to $10,000 a year. The first to launch, on July 8, will be its “brand protection tier”, which will […]

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One Domain Investor responsible for bulk of .webcam and .trade domain name registrations

One investor responsible for most initial domain name registrations in .webcam and .trade. A single domain name investor was responsible for the bulk of domain name registrations of Famous Four Media’s domain names launched yesterday. .Webcam added 3,655 domain names to reach 3,678. Approximately 3,100 of them were registered at registrar Encirca by a single […]

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Famous Four makes $175,000 from .webcam porn names

Famous Four Media has sold a package of 15 .webcam domain names to an unspecified buyer for a total of $175,000. The deal included, and, which Famous Four described as “adult oriented”. Whois records for the domains are not yet available. The .webcam gTLD is due to go to general availability today, […]

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The Truth Behind Billion-Dollar Exits; Don’t Get Blinded by gTLD Sunrise

PLUS: Harvard Prof Plans to Hit Blinkx With More Evidence of Fraud; The Future of Tech; According to Mark Cuban; Elon Musk’s Massive Bet on Batteries is Riding on Two Big If’s; Mike Parker, typographer who helped make Helvetica famous, dies at 84; Tesla’s Gigafactory: This Changes Everything for Solar Startups and Latest Snowden Revelation…..NSA […]

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