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February 29, 2020 01:03

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Changing of the Guard at Fox & TrueX Opens A Wide Door For Dot TV

“The real killer app in digital is actually TV,” he said at the conference” I’ve predicted it for 15 years: The Direct-to-Domain streaming programming that makes every domain name a broadcast station is here. I envisioned every IP title having its own dotCOM domain making it easy for search and monetization for perpetuity (sort of […]

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@CES Set Top Boxes, APPS and Addressable Ads Usher In End To Domain-Based Browsing

We’ve forewarning of the set top box (aka. the mot valuable digital real estate) for years. Now would be a good time to go back here and here and here and especially here to brush up on it. It’s because as data and technology become a more critical part of TV advertising, GroupM this week launches a buying […]

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