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April 2, 2020 16:22

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How This Non-Stoner Accidentally Found himself Dominating the Pot Industry

The sales secrets of high-growth companies; Have you started thinking about the impact of self-driving cars? Strategies to Quit your Job without Burning Bridges; Qualcomm outs Snapdragon Wear 1100 for target-purpose wearables; 29 words and phrases you’re using at work that make you seem untrustworthy; Former Yahoo COO slams media coverage of Marissa Mayer as […]

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HopSkipDrive (.com): Duh? One of Those "Why Didn’t I Think of That Moments"; New Date Rape Defense App

How a Tweet Turned Uber’s First Hire Into a Billionaire; Match Group Buys founder owned 100% PlentyOfFish For $575M; Hacker Gets 13 Years in Prison; One Click Away – Website Optimization; The Apple iWatch doesn’t exist, but a legal fight over it does; Getting a sharper picture of social media’s influence; Top Ten Free Tools […]

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Summer Camp For Billionaires; GoPro Unveils Its First All-New Camera In Nine Years

Mood-changing wearable tech; What Makes Great Salespeople; People Buy Because They Like YOU; Microsoft to Cut 7,800 Jobs as It Restructures Phone Business; Gary Vaynerchuk: Mismanaging Cash Flow Can Kill Your Business; Is Deep Linking The New Digital Marketing Battleground? Why social media holds more sway over shoppers’ buying decisions than retail; France Arrests Uber; […]

Read more Benefits of a great domain name with Luis Rincon – DNW Podcast #22

How a category-defining domain name creates instant credibility. Domain name investors know that great domain names offer a number of benefits to the companies that use them. In this episode, co-founder Luis Rincon gives concrete examples of how using a category-defining domain name has helped his company get instant credibility plus search and branding […]

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Selfie DRONE 2 Months Concept to @CES; BITCOIN CRASHING: Breaks Under $300

Breaking: Trivago Guy Takes A Shower; 3D TV Is Dead. Let’s Hope Smart TV Is Next; Verizon/AOL Takeover; Why Now Is The Worst Time in 70 Years To Be An Airline Passenger; The Four Pillars of Content Strategy’; 3D printing could revolutionize war and foreign policy; Holiday web sales grow 13.9%; Coach to buy luxury […]

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The Next Era of Marketing: Hear from Seth Godin; BC Wins Auction For PetSmart

I am a Cop, and I am Sorry; 4 MORE Reasons to Google Your Address -; How to disagree with your boss; Shunning Apple Tops Long List of Bad Market Calls in 2014; The Invasion Of Wearables In The Workforce; Walmart is having a sick sale on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus; Domain […]

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Google Is A Lying Liar That Lies; Best Pay-Per-Click Advertising Hacks

PLUS: Instagram’s New Spambots Pretend To Be You; New Roku and TiVo Devices Make Cutting the Cable Cord Plausible; Google’s Latest Campaign Stakes Company’s Future on Mobile; Apple’s Tim Cook faces make-or-break week; AAPL to $135! Bose now lets you design headphones using a ‘nearly limitless’ color choices and Apple beefs up iCloud security Instagram’s […]

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Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran on Big Obstacles and Bigger Mistakes

PLUS: For One Day Only, Uber Delivers Personal Chefs On-Demand; 23 Campaigns Every Startup Should Run to Gain Immediate Traction; This Is What Robots Will Be Doing in 2025; Why Is My Download Speed Slower Than the Internet I Pay For? How Apple is About to Reinvent Wearables and Is Apple Losing its Creative Mojo? […]

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(AAPL) Apple Is Back on Track to $200 Price Target Reset by Frager Factor

With the IBM deal to penetrate the enterprise, the opening of new previously untapped markets like Viet Nam as phone saturation hits home, Carplay coming in 24 Million Connected Vehicles across all brands and models, the wearables, the iPhone 6 and more progress fighting the cable companies (whose survival depends on Apple losing like Aereo […]

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