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December 16, 2019 04:39

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America Is Giving Away the $30 Billion Medical Marijuana Industry; What Strippers Can Teach Uber

Retweets Are Trash; Announcing Coinbase Index Fund; How many subscriptions can you afford? The FDA Just Outlawed CBDs and Hemp Oil Extracts by Claiming all Plant Molecules Now Belong Exclusively to Big Pharma; Uber’s Self-Driving Trucks Hit the Highway, but Not Local Roads; 23andMe Gets FDA Green Light to Sell First Consumer DNA Test for […]

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Frager Sells; Warby Parker Could Top $1 Billion in Value; Wayfair grows sales more than 63% purchased by a Kansas-City-based video company to truncate off the third widow word “productions” from their existing clunky domain, is the second domain sale this year we’ve made, both to end users who showed up from the “who is” and for an aggregate in the low five-figures. I was hoping the domains I acquired […]

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U.S. auctions some 30,000 bitcoins from Silk Road raid

PLUS: Apple to Launch Smart Home Devices; Party On! GoPro Resumes Torrid Climb On Day 2 After IPO; Android TV is Google’s best chance yet to own your living room; Here’s Why YouTube Video Creators Are About to Make A Lot of Money; The 10 Oldest Company Logos in the World; Domain Registrars Adapt or […]

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