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November 17, 2019 12:22

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Warren Buffett says bitcoin is ‘rat poison’

Today: Warren Buffet, Bitcoin, Emotional Intelligence, Cannabis, Autism, Lawyers, Startups Generation X — not millennials — is changing the nature of work Today: Gen-X, Career, Branding, Monetizing Data, Bitcoin Medical Cannabis Treatment for Autism to Begin Clinical Trials Could clinical trials for a medical cannabis treatment for autism prove

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Robots Coming For White Collar Jobs; The Economist: What’s in a company’s name?

Buffet’s $$ Billion new position in Apple; Dot Brand – Is Financial Industry Really Leading the Pack?; Does Anger Have a Role in the Workplace? Tech Startups Come Up With Some Creative Definitions for ‘Profitable’; 6 Kinds of Disasters Most Businesses Don’t Foresee; Google ‘Could Face Record $3.4 Billion’ Antitrust Fine; Amazon is about to launch […]

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JD (.com) Generates $41.9 billion- That’s Why Meaningful Chinese Names Deliver Meaningful Profits

Why is Warren Richer than you’ll ever be- Two Theories on Berkshire Hathaway; What Does It Mean to be “Relevant” to a Customer?; the Secrets to Day-to-day Happiness in the Workplace; Overcoming Sales Objections: Discovering & Isolating the Real Problem; Facebook Warns Page Owners About Upcoming Drop in Page Likes; Self-driving cars could generate billions […]

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The Five Ways Companies Can Leverage 3D Printing –and Avoid Disruption

PLUS: 3D printed human hearts could be a reality within 10 YEARS; Game Consoles On the Brink: PS4 Aims Hard, Xbox Aims High; ; Katie Couric to Leave ABC for Yahoo; Warren Buffett: How to teach your children about money; Comcast, Charter Weigh Joint Bid to Buy Time Warner Cable Owen Frager 3D printed human […]

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