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October 18, 2019 08:54

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.XYZ Has More Domain Registrations Than Donuts 183 gTLD’s Combined

According to, .XYZ has more domain registrations than all of Donuts strings combined. Donuts has 1,527,510 domain registrations according to (including 35,306 which are upcoming delete) while .XYZ has 1,560,576 active domains according to There are 183 new gTLD’s of Donuts in general availability (GA) meaning they can be registered on a […]

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CentralNic Passes 2 Million Registrations of New gTLD

CentralNic Group PLC has over 2.0 million domains registered using its platform representing 21% of all new gTLD domain names. Of the 2+ million new gTLD registered through CentralNic 1,552,903 are .XYZ domain names.  The only other extension using CentralNic that has 100,000+  is .website, although .online is quickly approaching with just about 95,000 domain […]

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How long is your .Wang ?

The ongoing argument about domain size came into play, as the latest registration data was released by ntldstats. Wiggling around from the rear, the .Wang gTLD currently measures more than 284,000 registrations. That’s doubling in size since mid May; in other words, .Wang is a definite grower. “Lots of gTLDs boast huge numbers, but .Wang […]

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Pinyin to beat IDN? .wang ready to overtake .在线

The .wang gTLD has seen great success, relatively, in its first week of general availability, crossing the 30,000 mark yesterday and entering the top 10 new gTLDs by registration volume. At its current rate of growth, the Zodiac Holdings domain is going to overtake .在线, the highest-ranking Chinese gTLD so far, this week. .wang went […]

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ICANN signs contracts for .wang and .democrat

The new gTLD applicants behind .wang and .democract are the latest to sign Registry Agreements with ICANN. Demand Media’s United TLD is behind .democrat, while .wang was applied for by small Chinese portfolio applicant Zodiac Holdings. Both were uncontested applications. Both are to be open gTLDs. For .democrat, Demand expects names to be registered by […]

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