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November 18, 2018 17:23

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Chinese domain market report : Amazon to end VPN access for AWS in China

The Chinese government is upping the game of VPN thrones, ordering Amazon to end its VPN services for China‚Äôs customers. Amazon Web Services (AWS) and its Chinese partner, are informing cloud customers in China that VPNs will no longer be allowed. Beijing Sinnet Technology, the local partner for AWS operations in China, sent out several […]

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Chinese domain market report : China thrives on VPN use

If you live in China, many western destinations are blocked by the Great Firewall. Popular web sites such as Google and Facebook are not directly accessible by the average Chinese Internet user. According to Internet Live Stats, China has a staggering 721.4 million Internet users, with a population penetration of 52.2%. The obvious solution to […]

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