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January 29, 2020 16:52

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Three more dot-brands fizzle out. Total now 69, dudes

Three more dot-brand registries have opted to kill off their own gTLDs, bringing the total to date to 69. The three self-terminating gTLDs, which all informed ICANN of their intentions in October and November, are: .工行 (.xn--estv75g), .nadex and .vistaprint. The .vistaprint termination is perhaps of note, given that online printing company Vistaprint was one […]

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Four more dot-brands call it quits

Four more dot-brand gTLDs are to disappear after their operators decided they don’t want them any more. These are the latest victims of the voluntary cull: High-priced bling-maker Richemont, an enthusiastic new gTLD early adopter, is dumping .panerai (a watch brand) and .jlc (for Jaeger-LeCoultre, another watch brand), the sixth and seventh of its fourteen […]

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.web has an auction date

The .web gTLD will go to auction June 27, according to ICANN. The organization released an updated auction schedule (pdf) on Wednesday night that also slates .kids/.kid for an auction on the same day. Both auctions have confusing “indirect contention” elements, where two strings were ruled confusingly similar. With .web, it’s lumped in with Vistaprint’s […]

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The .web gTLD could go live in 2016

The new gTLD .web could be coming to the internet sooner than expected after two of the remaining barriers to delegation disappeared. Following the withdrawal last week of an application for the plural .webs, an auction for .web could happen in the next couple of months, enabling a go-live date possibly in 2016. .web, often […]

Read more just gave itself another reason to bid high for .web gTLD

Registrar group is changing its stock market ticker symbol to WEB tomorrow, in another sign that it really, really wants to be identified with the string. The switch from WWWW may indicate that the NASDAQ-listed company’s six rivals for the new gTLD .web have a fight — and a possible big payday — on […]

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ICANN win leaves door open for plural gTLD rethink

ICANN has fought off an appeal by .webs gTLD applicant Vistaprint, in a case that considered the coexistence of singular and plural gTLDs. While ICANN definitively won the Independent Review Process case, the IRP panel nevertheless invited its board of directors to consider whether Vistaprint should be given a chance to appeal a decision that […]

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Vistaprint domain registrations not hassle-free, according to complaints

Vistaprint offers turn-key solutions, such as business cards, stationary and assorted print services. They also offer web hosting and domain registrations. In the past, we used Vistaprint for everything else except the last two, web hosting and domains. It seems that users who register domains at Vistaprint to take advantage of the hosting & domain […]

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Vistaprint may have just delayed .Web by filing an Independent Review

Vistaprint challenges (again) string similarity between .web and .webs. What does this man for the .web timeline? Vistaprint is the latest new top level domain name applicant to invoke the Independent Review process regarding an application. The company is upset that a domain it applied for, .webs, has been placed in a contention set with […]

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.Web and .Webs: “There can be only one”

.Web and .webs top level domain name applications are now in a contention set. The International Centre for Dispute Resolution has handed in its final determination for the controversial String Confusion Objection process. In this case, won against Vistaprint’s two applications for .webs. As a result, .webs will now be in a contention set […]

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