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April 6, 2020 00:55

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“Are you on vacation?” Uniregistry Market domain buyer responds positively

After communicating diligently for several days, a Uniregistry Market buyer, negotiating the acquisition of a six figure domain went quiet. Eager to gauge the buyer’s status, the domain broker handling the transaction sent out a message: “Are you on vacation?” Two days later, the buyer responded with a photo of himself from Ibiza, Spain, flanked […]

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The Four Most Powerful Brand Codes; Branding A Unicorn For Super Brand Status

Pets Before Profits: The $40M Gamble That Paid Off for This CEO; With the tech world obsessed about Apple and LinkedIn, 2 startups are quietly shutting down; FanDuel, DraftKings Said in Merger Talks Amid Legal Fights; Mednax making $400 million acquisition to expand medical billing business; Amazon’s $1 Billion Bet In Columbus; There is no […]

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Take.Vacations : Rick Schwartz does the real thing!

The domain community was in shock last year, when Rick Schwartz announced his retirement. The truth is, retiring from blogging is one thing and from active domain investments is another. The Domain King is actually actively engaging in domain sales in the thousands of dollars, and in actions to protect his intellectual property. But yes, […]

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