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October 14, 2019 10:52

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Marketing a Teenage TLD

[Editor’s note: This is a sponsored post by Lori Anne Wardi of Neustar] Hi, my name is Lori Anne Wardi and I’m a domain junkie. I’ve been buying, selling, studying, developing, dreaming about, promoting and preaching the bible of domain names since 2000. With many years as a domain investor under my belt, I got the […]

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US scraps fucking stupid “seven dirty words” ban

Neustar and the US government have agreed to dump their longstanding ban on profanity in .us domains. A contract change quietly published in July has now made it possible to register .us domains containing the strings “fuck”, “cunt”, “shit”, “piss”, “cocksucker”, “motherfucker” and “tits”. These are the so-called “seven dirty words” popularized by a George […]

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Exact Match Keyword Job Domains Wanted

Today: Need and without 0 and 4 / needed / I need $960 each $25 / And more! Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today: Sold for $5,099; for $4,551… – Here’s some great domain name sales reports to help get you motivated […]

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You Can’t Put A Price On Relaxation: How Merlin Kauffman’s Soothe Is Flipping a $12 Billion Industry on Its Head

In San Juan For ICANN Tonight? Party With US! Wall Street Analyst Creates ‘Bitcoin Misery Index’ For Traders; Why customer service is the new marketing; How Important Is The Creative In Online Video Marketing? Many in Silicon Valley support universal basic income; Many in Silicon Valley support universal basic income; Team at MIT developing fusion […]

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In San Juan For ICANN? Party With US!

Join .US for an evening of island-inspired fun as we celebrate ICANN 61 in beautiful San Juan. With the support of .PR, we’ll have expertly poured drinks, heavy hors d’oeuvres, a live band, and even a chance to practice your salsa dancing. For each guest who attends, we’ll donate $25 to AFC+A. Come party with […]

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.US Wants to Sell 1 & 2 Character Domains & Allow Privacy on All .US Registrations

On Thursday, December 15th The .US Registry opened two issues up for  requests for public comment. All comment should be emailed to The first issue relates to the potential release of 1 and 2 character .US domains. The second relates to the potential allowance of .US registrants to utilize privacy protection services. The comment […]

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.US Extension Tops 2 Million Registered Domains For 1st Time After 31 Years

.US has passed two million domain names for the  first time since the extension was unched 31 years ago. Yes .US was launched on February 15, 1985; 31 years ago as the first ccTLD. ON the last day of the $.10 sale by the domain name registrar, .US domains had a net add of […]

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.US Gains Over 100K Domains On 1st Day of $.10 Registration Promotion

The .US domain name extension gained over 100,000 domains yesterday. The domain name registrar, Uniregistry started a promotion of .US registrations for only $.10 officially starting at on October 1 but but yesterday was the first day Uniregistry actually sent out an email blast of the $.10 domain registration promotion. According to; the number […]

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From 10-cent domains to revved up marketing and policy changes, .US might finally go somewhere

The .Us domain name is finally getting some marketing muscle. Hang around American domainers long enough and you’re sure to hear them gripe about .Us. What could the United States’ country code domain name have been had Neustar actually marketed the domain name? It’s not really as simple as that. By the time the internet […]

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It was .US day on Go Daddy and there were some interesting closing prices. More than likely all these domains get renewed but it was still an interesting exercise to look at which names closed highest. Here are the names I tracked that closed four figures and higher: closed at $20,100   130 bids […]

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