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July 23, 2019 13:09

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Crappy Registrar loses #domains during power outage! What’s the alternative?

Are your domain names safe? Not if you use Crappy Registrar. The company’s web site was still offline early Monday morning, a full 48 hours after a complete power loss at the facility sent domain names into oblivion mode. No power means no access to domain names registered with the company, and customers are furious. […]

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Uniregistry rolls out new language packs, multiple currencies

As we shared a few days ago, Uniregistry is rolling out new language packs and currencies for its portal, The domain registrar taps a worldwide market, and beyond the initial languages of English, has now added Chinese, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish. At the same time, domain investors using the Uniregistry portal can adjust their […]

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Uniregistry : Cryptic message unveils more changes arriving in September

A rather cryptic message from Uniregistry arrived this fine evening, hinting of more changes coming up in September. That’s right, August is almost over, so here’s what the email from Uniregistry had to say: “Today Uniregistry released the 3 apostles build of our Uniregistry market. You’ll notice leads/inquiries are much easier to follow for buyer […]

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Uniregistry: Ladies and gents, start your domain engines!

With less than 24 hours remaining until the launch of the Uniregistry registrar, things are looking awesome for Frank Schilling’s new domain service. The current link at points to a password-protected portal, behind which the garden of domain Eden hides. There are some extraordinary features incorporated in the functionality of the Registrar, that should […]

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