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October 18, 2019 09:18

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How Protein Conquered America; Single, Unemployed and Suddenly Myself

This Is the Worst Roommate Story You’ll Ever Read; A Simple Way to Use LinkedIn Search to Connect with Potential Clients; The Surprising Secrets to Living Longer — And Better; Global study reveals cybersecurity professionals believe a catastrophic data breach to their organization is inevitable; Canadian firm becomes first pot producer to list on major […]

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Single, Unemployed and Suddenly Myself; The Hard Truth About Good Leadership

Company offers photo shoots on grounded Gulfstream jets to impress your Instagram followers; Three Star Trek technologies about to become reality will help us leapfrog our biggest limitations; A Long Shot at Immortality: Freezing Your Body After Death; Kimbal Musk Wants to Feed America, Silicon Valley-Style; Google Hires Veteran GOP Lobbyists; The advertising industry has […]

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Don’t Believe Everything You Read; Why Are You Working So Hard?

Robots Will Replace Doctors, Lawyers, and Other Professionals; Good for online: Thanksgiving 2016 Store Closures: Which Retailers Won’t Be Open? Amazon plans convenience stores for online food shoppers;U.S. Ad Spending Growing at Best Pace in Six Years, New Magna Global Forecast; Tech startup raises $3.5M to capitalize on demand for cloud-based IT solutions; Wayfair is […]

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How NOT to Introduce Yourself (at NamesCon)

Staples moves toward building an Amazon-like web marketplace; UPS boosts employer brand with heartfelt video; Do Brands Need to ‘Speak American’? How to build a WiFi booster out of a beer can; 4 Toxic Words That Hurt The Unemployed; Microsoft’s Brilliant Move To Make Money From Arch Rival Google; Your Boss Wants To Fire You […]

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