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April 2, 2020 16:50

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#DriveBigger .com : #Volkswagen trademark squattered on

Volkswagen launched a “Drive Bigger” campaign and applied for the trademark DRIVE BIGGER early in 2019. Three days after the announcement, someone registered the domain, and parked it on Undeveloped. Eventually, the platform became The domain was priced at $10,000 dollars, and the contact form forwarded emails from Volkswagen’s lawyers that were […]

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#DNForum announces #domain partnership with #Undeveloped

DNForum has announced its partnership with domain selling platform, Undeveloped. DNForum members will now be able to cross-post their “reseller priced” domains on both and The partnership intends to provide liquidity to domain investors, as opposed to achieving high sales; all domains will be manually approved twice per week. Parts of the process […]

Read more pours itself a domain auction spot

The premium domain is now part of a premium group of domains to be auctioned between May 7 – May 28. The online domain auction is organized by Domaining Europe in cooperation with With a reserve of 3.5 million EUR, the popular spelling of “whisky” finds great company along the following domains: […]

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Radix to “rent” some premium domains by the month through Undeveloped

Undeveloped tests domain leasing offering. New top level domain name company Radix has teamed up with domain marketplace Undeveloped to sell some of its premium domain inventory by the month. Called “Domain Rental Market”, some of the domains Radix reserved from registration are now available to rent by the month. It’s a lot cheaper than […]

Read more rebrands its domain marketplace, adding new features

Domain marketplace Undeveloped, has announced a number of new features and improvements to its marketplace, including a complete rebranding. Some of these features include the following, according to the information that we were sent: New brand and marketplace to be more appealing to end-users. Increased discoverability of domains listed on our marketplace with the addition […]

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Undeveloped : Domain auction of hand-picked domains goes live today

A list of hand-picked domain names begins its auction course today, May 24th until June 14th, as a sidekick to Domaining Europe., managers of the domain auction, shared with us the following information: “Undeveloped’s first curated premium domain auction has started! You now have the opportunity to get your hands on one of the […]

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Undeveloped : Domain auction extended by two weeks

Domaining Europe, the domain conference to be held in The Hague, The Netherlands, between May 29th and 31st, announced the extension of its auction by two weeks. Operated by Undeveloped, the premium domain auction will now end on June 14th. A large number of quality domain submissions, such as, &, and increased interest […]

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Unique Auction:,,, and more up for bids !

The domain name marketplace Undeveloped is to host a unique domain name auction in cooperation with the Domaining Europe conference, which will start 24th of May and last until 31th of May.

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Undeveloped takes a fresh approach to selling domain names

Domain name marketplace is trying to improve the process of buying and selling domain names. An example Undeveloped lander. If you aren’t happy with current domain name marketplaces, the simplest thing to do would be just to complain. On the other end of the spectrum, you could build your own competing domain name marketplace. That’s […]

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