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April 5, 2020 00:49

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Breaking: Neustar retains .co registry, at a cost

Neustar will continue operating .co but at much less favorable terms. .Co Internet SaS, part of Neustar, will get to run the .co domain name registry after all. Last year, MinTIC, Columbia’s Ministry of Information Technology (MinTIC), said it was putting the contract out to bid. Rivals lined up with hopes of cashing in on […]

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What you need in your domain investor continuity plan

If you don’t have a continuity plan, now is the time to develop one. Every domain name investor should have a plan. Not a plan they hope to enact themselves, nor a plan that they hope is put to use anytime soon. They need a plan that their loved ones can use should something happen […]

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Top Chinese ventilator companies and their domains

It’s interesting to see which domain names these Chinese ventilator companies use. I’ve been reading a lot of news about Covid-19. Because of this infectious disease, demand for ventilators is skyrocketing and governments around the world are scrambling to purchase the equipment. China is a major supplier of ventilators, and Daily China lists the following […]

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Facebook registers over 500 Covid-19 related domain names

Social media company goes on a defensive domain registration binge. Facebook has registered over 500 domain names related to Covid-19 for its Facebook and Instagram brands. The company registered the domain names yesterday as the platforms come under fire for spreading false information about the novel coronavirus and resulting disease. The defensive domain name registrations […]

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Afilias gets patent for managing domain name bundles

Patent describes way to manage multiple domain names at once. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted patent number 10,599,632 (pdf) to registry operator Afilias for “Domain name registration and management.” The patent describes the ability to bundle domain names and then apply changes to those bundles universally. For example, three domain names could […]

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Zoom domain registrations skyrocket

Some of the registrations are for bad purposes. Zoom is zooming in domain registrations. This chart from Verisign’s DomainScope shows a surge in domain registrations containing the word zoom. Videoconferencing solution Zoom is having its moment as millions of people work from home and kids take classes from their bedrooms. My daughter is now getting […]

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College students registered to help flatten the curve in Canada. Canadian college students started to monitor COVID-19 cases. We’ve all heard of “flattening the curve” by now. Some Canadian college students have created a website to contribute to the effort, and they chose a great domain for it. The students, who are home […]

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Opera to support alt-root .Crypto domain names

Opera users can now visit alt-root .crypto domain names from their browser. Unstoppable Domains, a blockchain-based domain name system alternative, announced today that the Opera browser for Android will support its .crypto domain name. .Crypto is an alternate-root domain name, meaning it’s not part of the domain name system that most people use. Users need […]

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ICANN publishes .com price hike report

Staff justification report echoes its previous comments, as well as Verisign’s. ICANN has published a review of comments submitted about its proposed contract amendment with Verisign (NASDAQ: VRSN) for .com. The most controversial aspect of the amendment is allowing Verisign to increase the price of .com domains by 7% per year in the last four […]

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China has 21 of top 50 global sites based on Alexa Rank

China has a large share of the most-trafficked sites on the web. gives you a big picture of the most popular websites in the world. If you go to the page, you’ll get the top 50 sites — or the top 500 for paid membership. Below is the top 50 list with domains […]

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