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November 22, 2017 01:42

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NVIDIA stock skyrockets; Company grabs the .CO domain via the UDRP process

NVIDIA has been performing remarkably well this year; the company designs graphics processing units for the gaming, cryptocurrency, and professional markets. If you own a PC, chances are that your video card is made by NVIDIA , and during 2017 its stock has gone from sub-100 dollars a share, to more than $200 dollars a […]

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POKERFACEbook or PokerFACEBOOK? The UDRP against the .com resolved that

The registrant of the domain claims that it was meant to be a social network for poker players. “This site while provided information primarily about the worlds most trusted Online Poker Sites, will serve primarily as a means of connecting all of the online players as well as possibly creating a few new ones. […]

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Equifax strikes back : 138-strong domain UDRP, one of the largest ever

Equifax has been busy restoring its reputation, after a massive leak of data was unveiled earlier this year. While some frustrated consumers registered domains to demonstrate how the mega-corporation failed to protect private information, the majority of “Equifax domains” have been trademark violations. Of course, it’s the latter domain category that Equifax lawyers are going […]

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Nat Cohen gives some food for thought on potential UDRP reform

This kind of went under the radar except for some replies on Namepros. Nat Cohen replied to a post and outlined what could be in the works for domain investors if there is significant UDRP reform. I came across this after reading the excellent back and forth between Josh and Elliot on the post […]

Read more : Twenty year old domain saved from UDRP claiming rights to “KF”

Twenty years ago, the two letter domain was registered by Matthias Felger; little did he know, that his nickname would be challenged via the UDRP process. The Complainant is John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Inc. d/b/a Knight Foundation. They asserted that the domain represents the shortened variant of their domain,, […]

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Eco and echo : Greek root of words explained in UDRP decision

A UDRP decision for the domain, resulted in some Greek grammar analysis. Ecomedia AG of Nänikon, Switzerland filed a UDRP against EchoMedia GmbH, of Wollerau, Switzerland. So one company operates from and the other from The Complainant argued that this would create “unacceptable confusion.” The WIPO panel drilled into the root of […]

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NYSE is a trademark, as multi-domain UDRP shows

The acronym NYSE is a registered trademark, so don’t go about using it in domain registrations. A multi-domain UDRP across several TLDs, delivered a cache of NYSE domains to the Complainant, NYSE Group, Inc. The NYSE mark was registered with the USPTO in 1971: “Complainant, NYSE Group, Inc., operates the leading global exchange for trading […]

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new gTLDs made up 16 percent of the 2016 cases at WIPO published an article on the WIPO annual report. In that article William New broke down some statistics related to domain disputes. 2016 showed an increase of 10% in domain cases. From the article: In 2016, the total number of WIPO cybersquatting cases rose 10 percent, with a record 3,036 cases brought by trademark owners, […]

Read more : New gTLD domain in the hands of id Software via the UDRP process

It was doomed from the get-go, for the new gTLD domain, Doom.Games. Doom, the classic 1990’s game that spawned a long franchise that continues to this day, is also a registered trademark of 20 years. Dot .Games is a former gTLD of Rightside, now wholly owned by Donuts, Inc. The game’s creators, id Software LLC, […]

Read more : UDRP fails, as domain predates Complainant’s trademark

The UDRP against the aged domain,, was denied at the WIPO; the Complainant was Aldez Containers LLC of Almont, Michigan. According to the UDRP, the Complainant alleged first use of is trademark, ALDEZ, in 1998, the same year that the .com domain was registered. However, the trademark was only applied for in 2016 and […]

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