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September 25, 2017 13:32

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Company tried to upgrade from .dk to .com. Domain name attorney John Berryhill has successfully defended domain investor Sahar Sarid’s domain name in a UDRP. The complaint was brought by NTI Cad Center A/S, which uses the Danish country code domain name A three-member Czech Arbitration Court panel found that the complainant’s NTI […]

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Washington Journal .com : Mike Mann sold domain, he and new owner got hit with a UDRP

Domain investor, Mike Mann, sold the domain in May, and three months later, the buyer was served with a UDRP. There is a twist to the story: Mike was tardy with updating the WHOIS information, and the UDRP went to him first. Once the domain was locked down, no updates were possible; Mike Mann’s […]

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Make sure your contact info is updated when you sell a domain

If you don’t, you could be on the receiving end of a UDRP. Mike Mann just lost a UDRP. That’s what the record will show, anyway. But he actually sold the domain in the UDRP,, for $75,000 earlier this year. The new owner didn’t update the Whois record. C-SPAN filed a complaint against the […]

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The University of Texas .com : Regents grab 15 year old domain via the UDRP process

The University of Texas at Austin operates from, and until 2016 it owned Sometime in 2014, however, the registrant’s email changed from “” to “” and they lost control of the domain. Eventually, it was acquired from a list of expired domains at Network Solutions, by an Indian firm. Earlier this year, the […]

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Lack of disclosure leads to Reverse Domain Name Hijacking finding

Mexican resort operator failed to disclose business relationship with domain owner. Trouble in Paradise. The operators of two Mexican resorts–Golden Parnassus Paradise of the Gods and Great Parnassus Paradise of the Gods–have been found to have engaged in reverse domain name hijacking (RDNH) in a recent cybersquatting complaint. The resorts filed UDRPs against the domains […]

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Foster agency files UDRP against domain “held for ransom”

Agency decided to file cybersquatting complaint rather than pay £9,000. Earlier this month I wrote about a UK foster agency that forgot to renew its domain name and then complained that it was being “held for ransom” by someone who registered it upon expiration. The person who bought allegedly asked the foster agency for […]

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Company files UDRP against a relative, but it’s RDNH

What’s Italian for domain hijacking? Colussi S.p.A. of Milan, Italy has been found to have engaged in reverse domain name hijacking (RDNH) over the domain name The domain name is owned by Andrea Colussi, a cousin of the current Chairman and a shareholder of Colussi S.p.A., and nephew of Angelo Colussi, the founder of […]

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IP attorney, John Berryhill, squashed the dreams of yet another aggressor; the UDRP against, a 1999 domain registration, failed at the WIPO. The Complainant is Adventum Real Estate, S.L. of Madrid, Spain, represented by Lerroux, Spain. The Complainant owns a Spanish trade mark registration for ADVENTUM under number M-3011914 which was filed on December […]

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Clothing company Aether is a reverse domain name hijacker

Domain owner used the domain for a business. Apparel company Aether, LLC has been found to have engaged in reverse domain name hijacking in its attempt to get the domain name The company that owns used to offer a product at the domain name. The product is no longer offered and the domain […]

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If only all UDRP decisions were as clean cut as that about The 2009 domain registration was challenged at the National Arbitration Forum, by Advanced Payment Solutions Limited. The British company, claimed that its 2010 trademark for CASHPLUS along with the alleged “non use” of the domain by the Respondent, should grant them ownership […]

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