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January 21, 2018 02:48

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#Soothamide .com : Bizarre #UDRP decision regarding registered #trademark

Vitalitus LLC filed a UDRP against the domain, which is being held by a Turkish registrant. The Complainant is using the term SOOTHAMIDE for cosmetic goods in the US, and filed for a trademark on September 3, 2016. The application was originally “intent to use” and the mark’s registration was completed on November 21, […]

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If you invest in domain names, a recent UDRP decision should scare you

As someone who has been investing in domain names for over ten years now, I have tried to keep a close eye on UDRP decisions. Many people liken the domain name world to the Wild West but it’s important to remember that there are defined rules and regulations which, uh, the Wild West didn’t exactly […]

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#Lifebeam .com : Aged #domain sold via #GoDaddy auctions, lost in #UDRP

Expired auctions at GoDaddy attract a lot of domain investors, due to the specific characteristics of these domain names., a domain registered in 1999, was sold via the GoDaddy auctions for the sum of $2,001 dollars in August. The company that let it expire by accident, filed and won a UDRP. The new owners […]

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De Lage Landen International B.V. tries reverse domain name hijacking

Financial firm blasted for frivilous cybersquatting dispute. DLL is a financial solutions partner, and apparently a reverse domain name hijacker, too. A World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) panelist has determined that De Lage Landen International B.V. attempted reverse domain name hijacking by filing a cybersquatting dispute against The company uses the domain name […]

Read more #UDRP : Reverse #domain name hijacking finding at the #WIPO

The UDRP against the domain has been decided upon, and the Complainant was found guilty of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking. It’s interesting to note that the Respondent, at some point, asked for $100 million dollars in order to sell the domain to the Complainant! Full details of this decesion follow: WIPO Arbitration and […]

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Mr.Green : Short gTLD #domain lost in UDRP at the #WIPO

In October, we covered the UDRP against the ultra short domain Mr.Green – the Complainant is Mr Green Ltd. of Silemma, Malta. The decision has been rendered, on behalf of the Complainant. Despite the Respondent’s arguments that the “Mr” part is the actual focus of any trademark claim and not the combined part, Andrew D. […]

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#Equifax UDRP : More than 100 #domain names are denied transfer at the #WIPO

Equifax isn’t happy with the negative publicity it receives after the massive security breach, involving private information on millions of Americans. In recent months, following the registrations of Equifax domains, the company has been taking the registrants through the UDRP process, attempting to reclaim these domains. So far, Equifax – that trades using the EFX […]

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3 Men Movers #UDRP : We don’t need this harassment from you guys!

A UDRP for the domain contains some funny responses by the domain’s registrant. The case was filed by 3 Men Movers, a company based in Houston, Texas. During the UDRP process, the Respondent pondered over previous communication they had with the Complainant, seeking permission to use the domain name in the first place. The […]

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#SuperTurbo .com UDRP : No response, no loss of the #domain

SuperTurbo Technologies, Inc., filed a UDRP against the aged domain Its registrant, Mike Hare, offers sports photography services, and did not respond to the UDRP. Registered in 2000, became the object of desire for the Complainant in this UDRP, as they possess a trademark, registered in 2013. The Complainant uses, a domain […]

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#Damste .com UDRP : #Domainer schools Dutch law firm at the #WIPO

The UDRP against the aged domain,, was filed by a Dutch law firm by the same name. Damsté advocaten used its own legal resources to assert that the domain, registered in 2000, was infringing upon the DAMSTÉ trademark. The Dutch law firm was formed in 1960, and it registered in 1999. The existing […]

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