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December 6, 2019 03:40

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Past Due: Freelancers, Small Businesses Struggle to Get Paid; Cryptocurrency As The Long Game

$600k for an Ethereum Name? Stopping Russian Dirty Tricks on the Web; Trump Organization Has Been Compromised by Hackers for Years; CMO Pay Is Rising. Who Makes The Most Money? Startups UK: The 25 industry disruptors; Microbeads could clean oceans of dangerous chemicals; Viewers Don’t Trust TV Ads For Health, Medical Products; Authenticity Matters: 15 […]

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The Trump Organization acquires Online.Casino domain for seven figures

Known for its aggressive domain acquisitions, the Trump Organization has just paid seven figures for the domain Online.Casino. The NameJet auction attracted many gamblers from the domain investing community, who bid between $2 to over two and a half million dollars. In the end, the auction was won by user “TrumpOrgLegal” who many speculated who […]

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Trump family domains : Who owns ?

Domain investors have discovered that messing with Donald Trump is not easy. An entire team of the Trump Organization monitors the “Trump” name and mark, often registering negative terms preemptively. But not all domain registrations involve negative terms: the recent acquisition of the domain is one such example. Trump’s Organization extends its monitoring of […]

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“Trump sucks” : Which such domains are owned by the Trump Organization?

It’s been a tumultuous election year, and the Donald Trump legacy extends beyond politics. As focus on Donald Trump emerged to shift to business ventures such as the Trump University, the organization’s role is to also secure those domains that are related to the occasion, and could pose a threat to the name or business […]

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Trump in Cuba : Did the Republican candidate register these domains?

Newsweek reported that Donald Trump’s organization secretly conducted business in Cuba, violating the US trade embargo against the communist country. The company allegedly spent at least $68,000 dollars in Cuba in 1998; the funds were funneled through an American consulting firm, according to Newsweek. Sure enough, the hashtag #TrumpInCuba generated plenty of interest, but that’s […]

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