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October 17, 2019 15:30

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Find a Great Name in 2 Steps

Things to consider when naming your baby. “How do I find a domain name for my business?” As a domain investor, webmaster, entrepreneur or product manager, you’ve either heard, wondered or asked this question. Entrepreneurs often want to know the coolest tools available to help them with the naming challenge. They want a really cool name for their […]

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27 of top 50 websites protecting their brands on new Donuts domain names

How are brands protecting themselves with new top level domain names? Many are, but there are some surprises. I just checked how the top 50 websites are protecting their brands on Donuts top level domain names. I took the top 50 (public) sites from Quantcast and ran them through whois for their matching .gripe domain […]

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BrandVerity: Reporting trademark violations to Google and Bing

BrandVerity is a Seattle, Washington company that provides services that detect online brand and trademark abuse, since its founding in 2008. An example of brand infringement would be the exploitation of the Oscars ceremony, an event attracting a lot of eyeballs, by buyers of traffic. In this example, BrandVerity details the methodology used by the […]

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.CO.COM Sets A New Standard In Trademark Protection

As many of you know I can’t stand people who register a bunch of Trademark domain names. They give us all a bad name and in the end cause the Trademark holder to spend their time and money to get a name back. With the sea of new gTLDs that is coming our way there […]

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