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September 23, 2019 01:16

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One bitcoin is selling for almost $14,000; GoDaddy Seeks Injunction Against Cybersquatter

7 Things You Should Know Before Making a Major Career Decision; Agree? “Not Everybody Is Looking for an Easy, Fun Job”; Tax bill hammers startups? Your AirPods case has a hidden power; Medigate raises $5.35 million to help secure medical devices Owen FragerOutsourced | Marketing (NYC / Miami)49s  Visible toPublic 7 Things You Should Know Before […]

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The Turakhia Brothers Now Worth $1.4 Billion; Is Held for Ransom

While the Turakhia Brothers thrive, Nearly 800 Other Dead or Dying Startups a Sign of India’s Dot-Com Bust; Finally, an ad tech IPO! Boston burger chain accuses Chipotle of ripping off name and logo; Including any of these email closing lines will destroy your chances of a response; The Porn Business Isn’t Anything Like You […]

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Alexander Wang Awarded $90 Million in Counterfeiting (490) Domain-Name-Based TM Infringing Fraud Case

I sold my start-up for $1.6 billion. Here’s what I did next; Beware of free phone re-charging; hy Buying Multiple Domains Makes Sense; Why aren’t Millennials racking up credit card debt? Death of The Cold Call – The Plague Affecting Millions of Sales Organizations; 60% of Dental 3D Printed in 10 Years; How Strong Leaders […]

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Battle over vineyards named Wilson goes to court

Winery files federal lawsuit after losing UDRP. A California company has filed a federal trademark and cybersquatting lawsuit (pdf) after first failing to obtain the domain name through a UDRP. Wilson Vineyards, Inc filed a UDRP against Wilson Vineyard (singular) of Pennslyvania earlier this year. It was a bad UDRP filing, as there was […]

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Domains NOT to register: Your latest “Facebook” idea

Facebook is being used by more than one billion people worldwide, making it the largest and most successful social media platform ever. There are many reasons why Facebook became so successful, and one of them is its ability to connect people and share information, news and ideas – along with photos of grumpy cats. One […]

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Domains NOT to register: Any “Microsoft” domain

Whether you are a Microsoft fan and appreciate its products, such as Windows, Office etc., there is no excuse to go after registering domains that contain its famous trademarks. Even if you give yourself the excuse of being a loyal fan, and want to set up a blog or a review web site, those “noble” […]

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Domains NOT to register: CanonUSA .camera

Domainers don’t differ much from other consumers, and as such some get inspiration from existing products, services and corporate names. Alas, this approach is the surest path to generating infringing domain registrations. Trademark violations in domain registrations are common, and while some are unintentional due to the broad use of some words, others are downright […]

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Move Over TM Cybersquatters: Search Results Could Send Amazon To Trial

A lawsuit over a watch might mean it’s time for the online retailer to change how it presents products to consumers, an e-commerce attorney says. Inc. must face a trademark-infringement suit by watchmaker Multi Time Machine Inc., which claims the online retailer’s search results can lead to confusion for consumers. A 2-1 decision by […]

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Company alleges competitor is infringing its trademarks by using vowel-less version of its own name. One of strangest ways companies have tried to cope with the lack of cheap available domain names in the past decade is to drop vowels. A prime example was, which dropped the ‘e’ to save a bit of money […]

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HomeAway sues Airbnb over birdhouses

Airbnb irks rival by launching birdhouse ad campaign. Publicly traded vacation rental site HomeAway (NASDAQ: AWAY) has sued upstart rival Airbnb for trademark infringement after the latter launched an ad campaign featuring birdhouses. HomeAway’s logo prominently features a birdhouse, and the company uses birdhouses as its sort of “mascot.” A birdhouse is prominently featured at […]

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