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February 17, 2020 06:33

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Lessons From 2019 IPO Bust (One Now Worth .18 Cents) and… Teleportation Is Real

Today: Canopy, HEXO, and Tilray; Marijuana Drinks; 23-Old NYC Budget; Eyewear; IPO; Ride Hailing; Cannabis One company bought all the retail outlets for glasses, used that to force sales of all the eyewear companies and jacked up prices by as much as 1000% Related: 60 Minutes – Luxottica. Do you know who makes your glasses? Think […]

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He too started with a small million loan from family…but his next IPO is the mother of all IPOs

Meet Trump supporter Peter Thiel…  A gay immigrant who has probably done more to move the world forward then more iconic tech geniuses we hear about.  Thiel has started, invested in and advised some of the most important technology companies in the past 20 years, earning himself a fortune in the process.  Limited thinking is […]

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In 2018, Stocks Are Better Than Domains

Today: Tilray, Cannabis, Pandora, Sirius, Marijuana, College, Diploma, Alzheimer’s Stock ROI Example:  WORLD WRESTLING ENTMT INC CL A WWE: NYSE went from $21-97 this year New Study Finds Marijuana Users Are Happier And More Successful In Life SiriusXM buys music streamer Pandora for $3.5 billion The companies will look to take on bigger streaming rivals

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