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August 24, 2019 18:32

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Three letter .com #domain sightings : JLL dot .com

Domain names in the wild are unexpected encounters with domains down the street. Whether we drive to a destination, and come across a vehicle with domain decals, or walk into an office with a domain name across its main advertising space – that’s domain encounters for you. We categorize domains into two groups, dot .com […]

Read more sells for $20,000 more than it did in 2014 has been reported sold by Flippa and hit Namebio tonight. The name was purchased on Sedo back in 2014 for $200,002. The name now has been listed as sold for $220,000. A recent snapshot shows the site with an ask of $250,000 Now when you look at the name in Google there is an […]

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LLL #domain : Auction of ended at #DropCatch at five figures

The DropCatch auction for, the youngest three letter .com domain name on the planet, has ended. A bit of a background story. Originally registered in 1997 by a Japanese registrant, dropped, all thanks to some undeliverable email, after a Japanese ISP changed its internal services. The domain was caught by DropCatch, and 74 […]

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Mid-summer doldrums as LLL .com prices plummet

It’s the heart of the summer, and the proverbial doldrums are hitting the LLL .com niche market rather hard. Recent sales of three letter .com domains that we reported, indicate that prices are retreating to pre-Chinese boom numbers. The bread and butter of that boom was formed by letters that for many years were considered […]

Read more : Former Worldwide Media asset sends LLL .com prices lower

The average price of LLL .com domains sustained another hit on July 4th, when, a domain formerly owned by Mike Berkens of Worldwide Media, sold for only $14,000 dollars. was auctioned off at NameJet, and it’s part of the large portfolio sale by Worldwide Media to GoDaddy and its NameFind subsidiary. It’s not […]

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Is the LLL .com market losing its steam?

In recent weeks, the LLL .com market shows signs of losing steam. One of the longest category of “coin” domains that retain liquidity, three letter .com domains witnessed a huge increase in valuation over the years. In the early 2000’s one could get random letter LLL .com domains for prices ranging between $1,000 and $3,000. […]

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Warning : is NOT for sale; someone is impersonating the owner

The domain is not for sale, yet someone who claims to be the owner is seeking a broker to sell it on their behalf. Valuable three letter domains can fetch a high premium for brokers; using a third party to broker a domain that belongs to someone else can get domain brokers in very […]

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Internet history : The man who gave away for free

In 1994, registering a domain name was still free. John Markoff, registered between 3 to 5 years earlier, despite what the registration date of the three letter .com asserts. Those were the days of the pre-commercial Internet, when domain names were still viewed as exotic, and very few had the means to access them. […]

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Two stolen three-letter domains returned via UDRP

Panels order and to be transferred back to their previous owners. Two three-letter domain names that were allegedly stolen from their owners have been returned through cybersquatting claims under UDRP. In separate decisions, a panel awarded the transfer of to Energias de Portugal, S.A. and to Liberty Global, Inc. The […]

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Namejet Reports Over $770K In Sales For October 2016

Namejet just reported over $770,000 in domain name sales for October 2016. only reports domains that were bought and paid for by the end of the month that sold for $2,000 or more Included in this list are some substantial sales from the .NYC auction. Of the top 12 sales for the month, 8 […]

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