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June 17, 2019 09:01

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Paystack is a legit Nigerian money processor

Many domain investors associate Nigerian money handlers with illegitimate business, also known as “419 scams.” Millions of dollars are lost annually to unscrupulous scammers out of Nigeria, and a typical “419 scam” involves a Nigerian “crown prince.” With all this negativity in place, it’s refreshing seeing that Paystack, a legitimate money processor from Nigeria, is […]

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Tencent beats back cybersquatting complaint over its domain name

Big Chinese internet company forced to defend its domain name. Tencent, the $250 billion company behind QQ, has successfully defended the domain name it uses for its music service Joox. A Brazilian company that uses the domain name for its custom products business filed the complaint. It turns out that the Brazilian company […]

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Chinese domain market report : Tencent becomes Asia’s top tech company

China‘s economy has been growing in leaps and bounds; the 2nd largest economy in the world has become host to some of the biggest tech companies in Asia. Alibaba, the online retail giant, has just lost its top spot to Tencent, the tech company that operates WeChat. The Tencent flagship app, called Weixin in China, […]

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DNF.Game : Chinese giant Tencent grabs popular acronym domain

The acronym “DNF” has been synonymous with DNForum for more than a dozen years. Canadian domain investor, Adam Dicker, sold a few months ago, to a Chinese company that appears as “Domain Name Fund.” There is a bigger buyer in the DNF letters, however: Chinese tech behemoth, Tencent. A controversial, 122 billion yuan company […]

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Twitter and rival Tencent might have to fight over “Moments”

Tencent files trademark applications, presumably in response to Twitter launching new “Moments” feature. On October 6, Twitter launched “Moments” in an effort to attract more users to trending topics. It’s a pretty cool feature, but Twitter might run up against Chinese social networking giant Tencent over the name. Tencent has a number of services including […]

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Tencent’s APP Portfolio valued at $100 Billion & $800 Million Value On Skyscanner (Largest Flight Comparison Search Engine)

PLUS: RUNNERS WOW- Cordless Earbuds Contain A Bite-Controlled MP3 Player; MMicrosoft Buys 26 Contosoyams Domain Names; Mark Cuban Changed Shark Contract Split; How We’ll 3D-Print The Internet Of Things;  How to Design a Website That Captures Loads of Leads; Instagram to Start Rolling Out Ads in ‘Next Couple Months’ and …  Reputation now seen as top strategic […]

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