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June 17, 2019 08:38

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.tel’s second-biggest registrar gets canned

A Chinese registrar that focused exclusively on selling .tel domain names has been shut down by ICANN. Tong Ji Ming Lian (Beijing) Technology Corporation Ltd, which did business as Trename, had its registrar contract terminated last week. ICANN claims the company had failed to pay its accreditation fees and failed to escrow its registration data. […]

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.Tel to lift usage restrictions on March 13

Khashayar Mahdavi the CEO of Telnic Ltd put out a letter announcing that .Tel will be doing with their previous restrictions on March 13,2017. Here is an article from The Guardian back in 2008, the article considered .Tel to be the most significant innovation in domains since .com. Dear valued .tel community member, As we […]

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.Telnic changes will nuke existing .Tel sites

Owners of .tel domains will need to recreate their “sites” when new service is launched. As I reported back in October, .Tel registry Telnic is removing restrictions on how the domains are used and hosted. Currently, .Tel domain names must point to a “website” created on Telnic’s platform (it’s actually data in the DNS). This […]

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Remember .Tel? It might be about to change.

.Tel might become a typical top level domain. Domain name registries can learn a lot from the story of Telnic, a $35 million investment gone awry. Telnic’s .Tel domain name is, without a doubt, the most innovative top level domain name because of how it stores information in the DNS. But being innovative doesn’t mean […]

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ITU says numeric .tel domains “may be confusing”

The International Telecommunication Union has warned ICANN that numeric .tel domain names, due to be released by Telnic tomorrow, “may confuse customers or cause undue conflicts”. In a letter to ICANN, Malcolm Johnson, director of the ITU’s Telecommunication Standardization Bureau, said that there’s a risk that numbers-only .tel name could be confused with the E.164 […]

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