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December 8, 2019 00:27

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Today: Brand, Blonde, Female executives, Cryptocurrency, Domain Names, Naming, Branding, Rebranding, Talent, IS SALES “PROCESS” REALLY THE RIGHT METAPHOR? The term “sales process” has become an almost universal cliché (and yes, I have been as guilty as the rest). Research is regularly published to prove that organisations with a defined “sales process” outperform their less

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What can you do with $10M? Giphy Is Valued at $600 Million

How to Hire Employees You Connect With; Herb rush: Ballot initiatives could set marijuana business ablaze; Jobs Don’t Have a Future, People Do; Miami real estate likely to be increasingly attractive to buyers from China; Facebook Mobile Ad Revenues to Near $30 Billion Next Year and.. Looking for Top Talent? Stop Looking at Degrees (And […]

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Want More Sales? Look to Your Existing Clients; Silicon Valley’s Party Is Over

Survey of the Dark Web Security; Scientists Just 3D Printed a Transplantable Human Ear; New Steve Jobs clip shows his ‘softer side’ amid dark film portrayals; Developing an Emotional Connection with Customers; How Snapchat Can Become Profitable Through Advertising; Is Seven Minutes Late To Work Really ‘Late?’ and.. After Grammys we wonder “here does musical […]

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Should You Change To A New Domain Name? New Domain Expansion Is Already Causing Second Thoughts.

PLUS: Should You Leave Your Day Job? But You Asked Me to Stare At Your Tattoos? Should You Leave Your Day Job? Three Musts to Retaining Superstar Talent; If Competition Matters, You Haven’t Innovated in Your Market…Warren Buffett Calls Self-Driving Cars ‘Real Threat’; A Vision of the Future From Those Likely to Invent It.. and.. […]

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Another Chinese Counterfeit Product: Social-Media Followers; Data Spy War Criminal to Drop Box Board

PLUS: A House bill to stop the transfer of the domain name system away from the U.S; Hard Questions Spark Breakthrough Business Thinking; Update: The consumer-focused, low-cost Micro 3D printer on Kickstarter pushed passed the $2 Million; It’s All About Talent: Eliminating Non-Compete Agreements at Tech Companies; Amazon Fire TV sold out; and dangerous warrantless […]

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