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November 20, 2019 12:06

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Everything You’ve Wanted To Know About Naming

Today: Amazon, PillPack, Domain Names, Naming, Branding, Tagline, Instagram The entire planet could literally be fueled by star power as soon as 2030  5 “features” for an impressive tagline A tagline or a slogan?  We’ve heard a lot of times that taglines and slogans are the same thing. In our opinion they are a lot […]

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The Complex Relationship Between Ripple And Cryptocurrency XRP

How to Create Slogans, Upset your competition & drive overwhelming sales; How the new tax law affects company sports tickets; Coca-Cola, US to use blockchain to combat forced labor; Why USA Today snagged video game developers to lure readers; A simple artificial heart could permanently replace a failing human one; Why Leadership Needs a Revolution; […]

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How to Write a Business Slogan That Sells

“Slogans and website taglines should ideally consist of a few words that define your business and present a benefit that places you above your competition. A well-crafted slogan can also bolster your brand when used across a variety of marketing materials both online and offline.” Good Morning Folks, You can hire us to write you […]

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Barry Diller On A Roll– Throws $500 Million At Another EMD (Now Rules Dating and Home Services Niches)

Silk Road heist could doom Bitcoin black markets; Domain Names As Taglines; Slogans vs. Taglines: What Is Your Brand’s Battlecry?; Meadow Launches A Cloud Platform For Marijuana Dispensaries; Is Apple deliberately sabotaging old iPhones before a new release; Celebs Who Only Fly Private; Paying Interns: It’s Not Always Optional and.. So many Apple devices now! […]

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Wells Fargo (.MOBI) Morphs Into Get Banking Done (.com)- Hashtag Carries Equal Weight to Domain Call-to-Action

Have a look at what .Mobi thought it could be. It still has potential as a delivery brand. That’s why any cctld or gTLD is only as good as ideas and the marketing behind them. BTW, with Walgreens and Home Depot Purchases and other major corporations conceding to .com pressured by the “g’s”– it’s time […]

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