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August 24, 2019 23:02

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Cryptocurrency Trading Bible Three: Winning in Sideways and Bear Markets

Today: Domain Name Expirations,  Bitcoin, Cyrptocurrency regulation, Email, Subject lines, iHOP, iHOB, Branding, rebranding, Mugshots, Cannabis oil, marijuana, COPD 5 Keys to Wealth According Tim Ferriss 19 email subject lines that sell like hell. IHOP, #IHOb, And Lying To Your Fans As A Marketing Strategy Today: Crypto bloodbath, IHOP, IHOB,

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Australian Craig Wright claims he is bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto; Is insecurity the root of overworking in today’s workforce?

3 Reasons Your Best Employees Stay, Even When They Receive Better Offers; Tesla Semi does its first production cargo run with batteries on board; A New Nielsen Report Puts Black Buying Power at $1.2 Trillion; Magic Leap raises $461 million in fresh funding from the Kingdom of Saudi; 66% of Millennials have nothing saved for […]

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Frank Schilling Sells Chewy (.com) For $20K; Chewy Does $1 Billion, Owns 50% Market Share, and Sells To PetSmart for $3.5 Billion

Meet The Insta Millionaires: Quit Job; Travel The World; Post; Repeat; Find out what your dealer is dealing (what’s in any substance or food or product); Are People Moving to Canna-Legal States Just for Weed? The evidence is piling up — Silicon Valley is being destroyed; How Marketo is Transforming Its Brand From Science to […]

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Getting Response Via Email Subject Lines; I Went Part-Time And Doubled My Salary

3D printers are never going to be a thing; Feds shut down tech support scammers, freeze assets; AOL Quietly Invests $500 Million In Programmatic TV Advertising; How To Create Instant Conversations With LinkedIn Prospects; 9 new and semi-secret Facebook targeting options; The iconic New York City yellow taxi is finally jumping on the carpooling bandwagon; […]

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Whaling, CEO Fraud, Business Email Compromise… Targeted spear phishing

Why I’ve got a drug dealer phone; Subject Lines That Increase Your Open Rates; The Value of a Hacked Company; US to put $400M into Advanced Wireless Research Initiative for 5G networks; Everything You Need to Know About Social Video Marketing in 2016 and Beyond; Herbalife agrees to pay $200-million settlement and change its business; […]

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10 Things To Help You Make More Sales; Curating Social Selling Content

Which Email Subject Line Will Get Best Open Rates? Boston Real Estate Is Worth More Than $100 Billion for the First Time; As Robots Grow Smarter, What’s a Poor Human to Do? Like Estibot, algorithms are useful but not failsafe; Facebook adds new call-to-action buttons and Why PR Remains the Red-Headed Stepchild of Marketing  Which […]

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