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November 20, 2019 12:29

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Do-Over: 2 TLD apps killed by objections get another chance

.Cam and Amazon IDN domain name decisions will be reviewed. ICANN has given two new top level domain name applications new life after embarrassing inconsistencies in string confusion objections. The board’s new TLD committee determined that decisions against’s .通販 application and Rightside’s .cam should be reviewed. I provide the background to this story in […]

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.Web and .Webs: “There can be only one”

.Web and .webs top level domain name applications are now in a contention set. The International Centre for Dispute Resolution has handed in its final determination for the controversial String Confusion Objection process. In this case, won against Vistaprint’s two applications for .webs. As a result, .webs will now be in a contention set […]

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ICANN plays “make believe” with string confusion review process

ICANN pretends other inconsistencies don’t exist so it can resolve two of the most embarrassing ones. Yesterday ICANN posted a proposal for dealing with “perceived inconsistencies” in String Confusion Objections filed over new top level domain names. The plan would deal with two cases in which different panels came to different conclusions on objections filed […]

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Domains that were subject to string confusion objections could be on hold for a while…

Board considers if there’s any sort of appeal mechanism to new TLD objections. The results of new TLD string confusion objections handled by International Dispute Resolution Centre were a mess. They were completely unpredictable and results were mostly dependent on who the panelist was, not the merits of the case. As a result, both objectors […]

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Donuts’ .Shopping found too similar to .shop, will be placed in contention set

Once again, who the string confusion panelist is determines the outcome of an objection. A string confusion objection panelist has ruled that having both .shop and .shopping as top level domain names will confuse the average internet user, and thus both should not both be delegated as TLDs. It’s the latest string confusion objection that […]

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