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March 21, 2019 01:14

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Domain crime : reported as stolen

We have received a report that is a stolen domain name; the same thief controls the stolen asset, The domain has been offered for sale to domain brokers in private. Independent reviews confirmed that the domain is not in the possession of its lawful owner. We also received proof that the same […]

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Domain theft : Should you wait to report your domain got stolen?

Domain theft is a serious crime. Investors losing domains to cybercriminals in elaborate hacking incidents or phishing attacks, have a narrow window of opportunity to respond. In the past, we’ve covered cases where domain names were identified as stolen weeks and months after the incident. Typically, the delay is due to the owner’s lack of […]

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Rats! Lawsuit over stolen domain name gets caught in trap

Court determines it can’t issue default judgment in John Doe suit. A lawsuit filed to recover the allegedly stolen domain name has hit a snag in Fairfax County court. Jon Beutler registered in 1995. He alleges that the domain name was stolen from his GoDaddy account last year and transferred to another registrar. […]

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Domain crime : and are stolen domains

Two domains of Arabic interest have been reported as stolen; both and were taken away from their legitimate owner, Abdullah S. Jafari. The Texas resident seems to have lost ownership of the domains in the past 30 to 40 days. Both domains were up for sale on NamePros, by a newly registered account […]

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ShadesDaddy founder offers advice on Domain Name Hijacking recovery

Our exclusive coverage of the brazen theft and subsequent recovery of has a pleasant follow-up. Pablo Palatnik, founder of ShadesDaddy, promised to return and has published an article that was picked up by Forbes. In this three-pager, Palatnik offers advice on how to proceed, if your domain has been hijacked. The key points that […]

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Verisign returns to lawful owner with executive decision

Pablo Palatnik is ecstatic, he cannot hide his overflowing excitement over the news:, the domain stolen from his business almost 10 days ago, is back in his possession. “I’m so relieved, but it still has to sink in,” says Palatnik on the phone. “Frustration has turned into joy and I’m working on undoing the […]

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ALERT: Multi-million dollar business domain has been stolen! is the domain of a multi-million dollar online business, retailing sunglasses since 2008. The Miami company’s domain name was registered with eNom; on Februrary 3rd, 2015 the domain was hijacked away, and was moved to the rogue Chinese domain registrar, Ename. Mr. Pablo Palatnik, owner of ShadesDaddy, alerted us to the domain theft of […]

Read more update: Bodis pulls the plug on stolen domain’s parking revenue

Chinese domain thieves stole the domain, moving it away from GoDaddy and onto rogue registrar Ename. In order to exploit its apparent massive traffic related to playing online games, they parked it at PPC traffic monetization company Bodis. After the legitimate owner of the domain contacted us to report the domain theft, we reached […]

Read more – Another stolen domain name ends up at Chinese registrar Ename

The owners of the domain name alerted us that the domain has been stolen from their GoDaddy account, sometime in late December. Presumably targeted for its use as a short, easy to remember repository of free online games, was stolen not too long after it was renewed for a period of 10 years. […]

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Update: Stolen domain has been RECOVERED!

We reported and covered exclusively the saga of the stolen domain, for almost 3 months. The domain was stolen from its legitimate owner in early June of this year. The brazen thieves from China hijacked away from GoDaddy, using a phishing email and moved it to the Chinese domain registrar, Ename. After listing […]

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