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October 20, 2019 17:23

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Should We Root for Robot Rights? – When Robots Rule The World

What Shaped the Stock Market’s $3 Trillion Trauma; How to Be Polite; Is The Internet Of Things Dead, Or Is It Growing Up? Plato Would Have Wanted You to Unplug; 4 Effective Video Marketing Content Ideas; How to Fix the Most Soul-Crushing Meetings; Are we better connected but lonelier than ever? Everything MUST Connect Going […]

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Melania: Billionaire With Private Jet or Fairytale Prisoner By Choice; American Retail at a Historic Tipping Point

Trump Stock Bump Hit a Speed Bump; Lab-grown meat may save a lot more than farm animals’ lives; Why the CIA uses board games to train its officers; I Just Deleted Your Outreach Email Without Reading. And NO, I Don’t Feel.. ; Here’s What Happens During a Fentanyl Overdose; Brands are paying to give swag […]

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Rethinking CPC Domain Valuations In The Age of Ad Blocking; The (Free) Crash Course in Social Media

Elon Musk Says Climate Change Refugees Will Dwarf Current Crisis; A Plague is coming to kill off the Unicorns, predicted by tech prognosticators everywhere. Inflated and unsustainable valuations, a shaky stock market…; Can the Ad Industry Beat the Black Market in Ad Fraud? The Solution to Ad Blocking Is to Double-Down on Earned Media; How […]

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How Scared Should Investors Be? The $3.2 Billion Man: Can Google’s Newest Star Outsmart Apple?

PLUS: “Vision without execution is just hallucination. You gotta have teams; Redefining capitalism (Anyone interested in the future of capitalism should read this. This particular discourse is gathering steam); Apple TV continues to evolve as a smart home hub; How to Calculate Your Online Customer Acquisition Cost; U.S., Walgreens, has allegedly sent out an internal […]

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Mark Cuban, Jon Stewart, 60 Minutes & dotORG Domains Deployed to Exposed Rigged Stock Market

If you’ve been reading Mark Cuban’s blog, Blog Maverick, recently, you will hear him railing against the rigged Wall Street markets which were exposed in a shocking new book; Michael Lewis’ Flash Boys a great read. According to Cuban, “First, let me say what you read here is going to be wrong in several ways. […]

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