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October 18, 2019 23:31

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Dropout Sells Business To Google For $750Mn; With ‘Gigs’ Instead of Jobs, Workers Bear New Burdens;

Names that break computers; Soon enough, there will be little we do that isn’t tracked and analyzed by industry; Parking is always temporary- consider the value possibility that a home next to an unsightly parking garage may one day be situated next to a new park or a new block of coffee shops and restaurants; […]

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The Feds Are Prepping Strict Rules to Protect Your Online Privacy; Marijuana Could Hit $44 Billion by 2020

A group of Chinese investors is trying to buy two major hotel chains at the same time; My Smartphone Gave Me a Painful Neurological Condition; To Defray Legal Costs in Defamation Suits, Bill Cosby Turns to His Insurance; Amazon wants to patent a system to verify purchases with selfies; The Epic Story of Dropbox’s Exodus […]

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