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December 7, 2019 03:35

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Startup Words Wednesday: IPO

For some CEOs and startup founders an IPO is the holy grail, while others dread the day they’re forced into one. Why do some companies want to “go public” at any cost, while others wish to avoid it? I dedicate this Startup Words Wednesday to exploring the almighty IPO. Initial Public Offering “It is the […]

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Startup Words Wednesday: Funniest Terminology

“Wantrepreneurs can never be ramen profitable in this meatspace with their sitcom startup ideas and aggressive mediocrity.” If you laughed at this statement, then you’ll enjoy this week’s Startup Words Wednesday. Ramen Profitable “A company that is profitable enough to cover expenses of all the employees’ basic living requirements.” –Founder Institute This basically means a […]

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Startup Words Wednesday: Incubator vs Accelerator

Several people use the terms “business incubator” and “startup accelerator” interchangeably, but they are not the same. In this week’s Startup Words Wednesday, we’re looking at the general definitions of an incubator and an accelerator, and then exploring their differences. If you’re an entrepreneur trying to decide between the two, hopefully this will help give […]

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Startup Words Wednesday: Analysis Paralysis

In this week’s Startup Words Wednesday I’m going to address a phenomenon I frequently see demolishing brick-and-mortar businesses and startups: analysis paralysis. Entrepreneurs, data scientists, domain investors and other key decision makers often want 100% of the information before making a decision. It’s a very rare occasion when this happens and procuring this data is […]

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