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October 22, 2019 23:57

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Rebranding to brings results… re-branded to and the company says it was well worth it judging by the first month results. It would be interesting to know if removing the “.com” from the logo on the landing pages had any effect on the results below: DAN listens and makes a change on its domain landing pages. Here are […]

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What was the purchase price of the domain

Read here how much Undeveloped paid to purchase their new domain name and brand A few days back I asked Reza Sardeha, CEO of DAN.COM, 10 questions. But I also asked him a bonus question that you can see here: You bought from someone named Dan. How much did you pay for the domain name? Answer: […]

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DAN listens and makes a change on its domain landing pages

After Undeveloped changed its name and branding to DAN on June 19 a few people complained about the new domain name landing pages displaying Up until then domain names for sale at Undeveloped had a landing page like this below. Notice it says “undeveloped” at the top left corner? It didn’t say So […]

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10 questions with Reza Sardeha, CEO of DAN.COM was renamed to DAN.COM last week and introduced the blockchain powered Domain Automation Network in partnership with IBM. So I asked Reza Sardeha, the CEO of DAN.COM, 10 questions: 1. How do you intent to bring liquidity to the domain name aftermarket? Answer: We already do that. We introduced for example installments to the broader audience and […]

Read more re-names to DAN.COM and launches Domain Automation Network with IBM re-names to DAN.COM and introduces the blockchain powered Domain Automation Network in partnership with IBM. Amsterdam-based company Undeveloped BV announced the launch of DAN.COM: the Domain Automation Network. With the Domain Automation Network, Undeveloped claims “it solves the most significant problems in the domain industry by creating a new backend infrastructure to handle both […]

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Efty acquires competitor DomaHub

Efty announced it has completed the acquisition of competitor DomaHub Domains LLC. DomaHub is domain name management software maker. DomaHub was founded in 2016 by Wonmin Lee and Wonkyu Lee as a platform that allowed users to rent their domain names for variable short periods of time. They continued to expand on their initial idea and the company […]

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Live Chat and Mailchimp can now be added to Efty marketplaces

Efty announced 2 new features today. You can now add Live Chat and Mailchimp to your Efty marketplaces. Every Efty account comes with a domain name marketplace feature, making it easy for buyers to browse your entire portfolio and purchase your domains. The two new integrations to Efty Market will help you to communicate with […]

Read more now accepts Australian dollars announced that it now accepts Australian dollars to its escrow service. also accepts USD and Euro. can be used for secure transactions involving any item of value, including domain names, vehicles, machinery, aircraft, space station hotel deposits or anything that a business or an individual might want to buy or sell safely […]

Read more announces the appointment of former HSBC Vice President has appointed former HSBC Vice President, Senior Manager Regional Regulatory Compliance Officer – West Coast, Fereba Ashufta, to lead its Anti Money Laundering Compliance Program. Ms Ashufta joins as BSA / AML Compliance Officer from HSBC, where she provided guidance in an advisory capacity to the Retail Banking and Wealth Management segment of […]

Read more launches Escrow Pay announced the launch of its latest feature “Escrow Pay”, a streamlined checkout payment system for buying and selling cars, boats, airplanes, domains and anything of value, in one line of code. Escrow Pay is the ideal solution for any website, mobile app, online store, classified site or marketplace that needs to take payments for […]

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