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December 12, 2019 23:33

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You Can’t Put A Price On Relaxation: How Merlin Kauffman’s Soothe Is Flipping a $12 Billion Industry on Its Head

In San Juan For ICANN Tonight? Party With US! Wall Street Analyst Creates ‘Bitcoin Misery Index’ For Traders; Why customer service is the new marketing; How Important Is The Creative In Online Video Marketing? Many in Silicon Valley support universal basic income; Many in Silicon Valley support universal basic income; Team at MIT developing fusion […]

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In The News: Merlin Kauffman Compared To Richard Branson (With Good Reason); Why I Stopped Getting Tattoos

Desktop Metal Is Now a Unicorn After $115M Series D; The future of money— What if banks didn’t exist? An Early Warning Sign to Change Your Social Media Strategy; A “toxic brew” of automation and global competition threatens to devastate many local labor markets, tech may replace half of all low-skilled jobs in the U.S; […]

Read more gets Times Square exposure, the “Uber” of on-call massage service providers, is once again getting national publicity. Merlin Kauffman’s company secured a ginormous electronic billboard spot on the Time Square‘s most prestigious location. Those spots are costly for a reason: they are viewed by millions of New Yorkers and tourists around New York City’s ultra-busy hub. It goes […]

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Congratulations! Merlin Kauffman, CEO of Soothe, is an EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® and Eytan Elbaz Making News Too

15 Ways To Improve Your Website’s Branding; Facebook’s Snapchat clone is arriving for everyone in its main blue app; Can Supermarkets Profit From Delivery? The Challenges Of Groceries; 5 Sales Fears Every Entrepreneur Needs to Overcome; The world’s biggest ad-buying firm has jumped on Google’s woes by a tool to buy ‘safe’ YouTube ads; Tesla’s […]

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Why Pharma Companies Are Fighting Legal Marijuana; How Yahoo Killed Flickr and Lost the Internet

Soothe? Lay Back, Relax, And Enjoy This Robot Massage; Secrets of Amazon’s Prime Day success; At World’s Largest Hedge Fund, Sex, Fear and Video Surveillance; $1 Billion for Dollar Shave Club: Why Every Company Should Worry; From flying cars to floating schools, these innovations are improving the lives of people around the world; How to […]

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Soothe Among Entrepreneur’s 10 On-Demand Services to Watch 2016; Seriously? Windows 3.1 and floppy disks?

Don’t feed the trolls: How to manage comments on your web content; How to Position Your Brand’s Content for the New Era of SEO ; Cyber criminals pose as Amazon in email scheme; Facebook Shuttering FBX as Dollars Move From Desktop to Mobile; As iPhone sales slow, can Apple pivot to AI? 6 Ways Repurposed […]

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Using Video Well (Think Soothe); Using LinkedIn To Power A Career Transition

Virgin Australia launches its schmick new business class cabin; Digital Transformation Lessons from the Navy SEALS… A very interesting perspective; How to Effectively Introduce Your Company’s Updated Brand; Google launches their new mobile friendly testing tool; Silicon Valley: The Real Case Use for Recruiting Technology; Twitter Android app gets Periscope broadcast launch button; Managing the

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Soothe mom : Merlin Kauffman makes it to the Ellen DeGeneres show

Merlin Kauffman scored yet another big accomplishment with the non-domainer crowd. The enterprising domain investor has been focusing on his big project, The provision of relaxing massage services at one’s own location has taken Soothe into mainstream media; is now the “uber” of relaxation! 😀 Merlin Kauffman’s services appeared on the popular Ellen […]

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Is Sales a warrior of persuasion or an engineer of value?

‘Flash crash’ trader loses fight to avoid U.S. Justice; “How You Manage $100 Is Likely How You’ll Manage $100,000”; New York and London will be underwater within decades, experts warn; New Wind Turbines Taller Than The Empire State Building; Forbes Yanks a Negative Article on JPMorgan While the Bank Pays for Content; Would you pay […]

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9 Questions to Ask When Building a Mobile App; "Dinners and alcohol and and, just total excess," one said.

A  Company is Worth 1,000 Pictures: How Small Businesses Can Rock Instagram; Three Little Words That Will Change Your Life Forever; Parents’ ultimatum: Raise $3M or finish college; How to establish and sustain a great brand; Can You Guess Which Tendency Is Targeted?;f You’ve Got 100 Visitors Per Day to Your Website and You’re Not […]

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