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April 6, 2020 21:50

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2020 Social Media Industry Benchmark Report published a very comprehensive report that takes a look at the social media industry at large. One of the deeper dives into the entire industry that you can access for free. From the article: Social Media Benchmark Key Takeaways Engagement rates decreased on Instagram, stagnant on Facebook and Twitter The world’s most engaging social […]

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15 NFL teams have had their Twitter account hacked

Welcome to Super Bowl Week! It looks like 15 NFL teams have had their Twitter accounts hacked. @MySportsUpdate broke the news. Reading the last tweet from @packers it seems to be from Our Mine Hi, we’re Back (OuَrMine).We are here to Show people that everything is hackable to improve your accounts securityContact us: For […]

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A member on Namepros posted the launch of their new project on The service will charge users $2.99 a month for an ad free experience. was conceived of by a group of developers who grew tired with the amount of trolls and fake profiles populating social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and […]

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Emerging trends that have sparked cultural shifts

David Cohen wrote an interesting piece on AdWeek about data/trends related to Twitter. Twitter Reveals 18 Emerging Trends That Marked U.S. Cultural Shifts Since 2016 Cohen breaks down the billions of tweet data that Twitter unveiled. Why I think this can be useful for a domainer is it might help to show you where some […]

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Hold up on that whole Twitter deleting inactive accounts

Yesterday Twitter announced they would be deleting inactive accounts. Today they said no so fast. So it turns out that this was really going to be EU centric on the deleting of accounts and now they need to come up with a plan to memorialize accounts before they will even start the process of deleting […]

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Did Climate-Deniers Kill Life On Mars? and… Queen Elizabeth Seeks Social Media Expert

Today: Queen Elizabeth, Social Media, Kylie Jenner, Programatic Out of Home Advertising, Apple-China, Mars Experts Say Vast Deserts, Absence Of Life, May Indicate Mars Was Once Run By Conservatives (satire) A one-two punch of slowing iPhone sales and rising trade tensions is going to batter Apple in the near-term, but things should be ok in […]

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#Domainers : The Twitter account #DomainKing isn’t who you think it is

In December 2017, Rick Schwartz made a decision to withdraw from social media, and Twitter was the first one he left behind. The Domain King closed his Twitter protesting about its slow response to recover TheDomains, Mike Berkens’s account that had been hijacked for a week. During 2018, Rick Schwartz announced how much better he […]

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So long Google +

Say goodbye to your Google+ account. I know you probably did that a long time ago but Google is making it official. Note this Google+ for consumers only. I never really got into Google+ and I do spend a lot of time on social media. I just never thought it was clever, cool or made […]

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How a Sex Tape Led to a Billion-Dollar Brand and… Thiel Hits Jackpot With $12 Billion PotStake

Today: Cannabis, Cannabis stocks, Pot, Peter Thiel, Social media, GOOGLE, AMAZON, UBER, AND FACEBOOK, The Kardashians, Sex Tapes The Art of Writing Short Emails Save time — and face — with these techniques Peter Thiel-Backed Fund Hits the Jackpot With $12 Billion Tilray Stake We’re Primed to be Addicted to Social Media Networks are the […]

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Book of faces : This #domain can’t be touched by Mark Zuckerberg

For the past two days, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, is talking to politicians – many of which appear to be technologically inept – about his company. Facebook has been rushing to fix the gaping holes left behind by Cambridge Analytica and other rogue operators in the data mining field. Social media thrive on a very […]

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