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October 14, 2019 10:24

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How this 48-year-old went from getting laid off to making $1 million a year

Huawei Dethrones Samsung As Most Profitable Android Brand; 5 Ways to Make Personalized Video Work for Your Business; How Design Startup Canva Used Social Proof To Get Valued At $345M; 3 Simple Ways Content Can Boost Your Sales And Increase ROI; How to deal with difficult people?; In Tougher Fall TV Landscape, New Rules Apply; […]

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Name (.com) In The News; The Ad Blocking Wars

Website Logo Placement for Maximum Brand Recall; 3 Things To Do If You Are Being Underpaid; The New Revolution Will Be Physical, Not Digital; Samsung Is Opening A Massive Flagship Store That Doesn’t Stock Any Products; Why Retailers Are Missing Out on Mobile With Millennials; Conference bound? 10 Easy Steps That Will Make You a […]

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The Three Reasons Ad Click Fraud Seems So Overwhelmingly Large Now & unemployable.TATTOO

PLUS: Apple Marks Earth Day by Trolling Samsung in Newspaper Ad; Oh Yes, Marketing to YUMmies is Now a Thing, Unfortunately; Tumblr Study Says It Has More Social TV Activity Than Twitter; ow Apple And Google Allegedly Screwed Their Employees; Here’s What Happens To Investments On ‘Shark Tank’ After The Cameras Stop Rolling and …Prepping […]

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15 Components That Cost $5000 in 1992, All Buil-in To iPhone. Can Your Samsung Do All This?

When thinking of the  Internet domain expansion 20 years out, I came across this example which really drives home the pace of change and the fact that nothing tomorrow works or looks as it does today. The back page of the front section on Saturday, February 16, 1991 was four-fifths covered with a Radio Shack ad. You’d […]

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Apple’s Way Late But Way To GO: Analyst Predicts 2014 "Bigfoot-like" Product A7 Apple TV, Future in Set-Top Boxes

We know we’ve been promising big things from Apple. And under Tim cook they have been late to the party. The reason is the greedy TV networks and movie studios and cable companies but we are seeing all of that change through Amazon and NeftFlix with original series that send a warning to Hollywood, we’ll […]

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