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October 23, 2019 00:06

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‘Everyone will have 5 years to get their car off the road or sell it for scrap;’ ‘We’ve probably hit peak Silicon Valley’

Tech must be first line of defense in cyberspace arms race; The Liquor Store Comes to the Internet; Alibaba’s Singles’ Day sale amassed $25.3 billion, doubling 2016 Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales combined;  Virgin Hyperloop One: Pneumatic dispatch on steroids; Floating Cities, No Longer Science Fiction, Begin to Take Shape Owen FragerOutsourced | Marketing […]

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Made In Internet : 1999 domain finally gets vindicated on China’s Singles Day

China’s Alibaba, set a new global sales record on “Singles Day,” contributing to an eye-popping $25.4 billion dollars in sales in 24 hours. That’s a 40% increase over last year’s record. What is Singles Day? What started out as an informal holiday in China, to celebrate single people on a day that utilizes “1”: November […]

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‘We live in a completely corrupted world’; Failing to Appear for UDRP versus Failing to Appear For Divorce

Marijuana Start-Ups See an Industry on the Cusp of a Breakthrough; Millennials In The Workplace: They Don’t Need Trophies But They Want Reinforcement; Undone By A Million Different Dots and Spellings; 20 Amazing Office Spaces That Will Blow Your Mind; Millennials Impact Business Technology; Singles’ Day Shopping Sprees To Outpace Black Friday; America’s airlines send […]

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China’s Singles’ Day sales surge in the early hours (will do $14 billion with a "b")

E-commerce platform vendor Shopify grows Q3 revenue 93%; Fitbox, A New Athleisure Subscription Brand, Wants To Take On Fabletics; Global e-commerce set to grow 25% in 2015; ‘It doesn’t get easier, you just go faster’: The 25-year-old co-founder of Stripe on running a $5bn brand; Facebook Lawsuit Shows No Clear Answer on Director Pay; Alibaba […]

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Chinese Singles’ Day : New record as all 9N .com domains get registered!

China’s Singles’ Day set new records, with $9 billion dollars in sales at mega-store Alibaba alone – and the day is only half-way through. This consumerist display of “Communist Capitalism” is the Chinese version of Black Friday for the Western markets. According to Alibaba, Chinese domain investors spent a lot of money on a variety […]

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