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December 6, 2019 02:58

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Net Neutrality: A MUST READ Layman’s Guide- What Domainers Need To Know

PLUS: Bitcoin users smash their iPhones after Apple bans last Bitcoin; Chromecast vs. Apple TV vs. Roku 3: Which media streamer should you …it’s a good thing Pandora didn’t listen to that nonsense; 24 Things Millennials Need To Realize About The Real World and Seth Godin says that authority comes from consistent generosity, from truth […]

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Academy Wins Domain Name Ruling in GoDaddy Lawsuit

PLUS: Google Penguin Recovery: Did Your Site Suffer?A Penny Saved: Psychological Pricing; Seth’s Blog: What “no” means; Alcatel Wins Twin Contracts; Print Your Own Nose: The Future of Prosthetics; Be Prepared For Stocks To Crash 40%-55%; Meet the Robots Reading Your Resume and…. Robotic suit helps paralyzed walk Owen Frager Robotic suit helps paralyzed walk A new

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What’s a “Shark Tank” Appearance Worth? A Top Spot in the App Store.

PLUS: How I Became Rich Before 30 and How You Can Too; Seth Godin—”Understanding luxury Goods”; Double your email contacts in seconds— 7 Tips for Sorting Your Gmail Contacts; Tablets are making cash registers a thing of the past; Cadillac’s plug-in car to cost $76,000; How to Keep Your Mug Out of Google’s New Ad […]

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Alcatel-Lucent – Innovation And Products Key To A ‘Buy’ Recommendation

PLUS: Google rewrites rules; Tim Cook thanks employees with Thanksgiving week off and meets with  Carl Icahn to discuss his $2 billion play; When Your Boss is Afraid of You; Godin—What’s the problem with weird? and… Iranian Hackers infiltrated US Navy computers Mobile Sales – Top European retailers double their mobile sales -… Internet Retailer […]

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Personal Hero, The Real Inventor of Mouse, Windows and OSX Dies & AdFail

RIP and sad: Doug Engelbart, the inventor of the computer mouse and developer of early incarnations of email, word processing programs and the Internet, has died at the age of 88. (Before Steve Jobs and Apple Computer, there was Douglas Engelbart, … on Steve Jobs at Apple and Bill Gates at Microsoft, who openly stole PARC’s […]

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