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July 17, 2019 11:09

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LXME expands to 4N and 2C .com domains

LXME, Giuseppe Graziano’s Liquid Domain Market Exchange, launched in September 2018. Originally LXME was for 3 letter .com domain names only. But today Giuseppe announced that LXME is expanding to accept 4 number .com domains and 2 character .com domains. Here are a lot more details from Giuseppe Graziano: “To answer your requests, today we are proud […]

Read more starts accepting any extension, including .COM names

.CLUB domains announced today that at NamesCon Global 2019 in Las Vegas the marketplace will begin allowing premium names with any extension, including .COM names, to be listed for sale. .Club is excited to make a much wider range of brandable and keyword domains available with 60-month Easy Payments, as they say they are […]

Read more now accepts Australian dollars announced that it now accepts Australian dollars to its escrow service. also accepts USD and Euro. can be used for secure transactions involving any item of value, including domain names, vehicles, machinery, aircraft, space station hotel deposits or anything that a business or an individual might want to buy or sell safely […]

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Short Domains and Joining the Dots ……. has a much publicised quarterly report on the market for short domains. The stand out performer in terms of sales volume in a very dry selling market was at $11.4 million. What has become clear with a bit of digging is that 4.CN unloaded over 250 very recently, likely to one buyer. […]

Read more launches Escrow Offer that allows negotiations announced the launch of Escrow Offer, which allows sellers to negotiate a price for cars, boats, aircraft, domain names, jewellery, fine art and more through a Pay Now button. Escrow Offer is a tool that can be easily integrated into the checkout payment system of websites, online stores, mobile apps, classifieds sites, or just […]

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Liquid Domain Market Exchange (LXME) officially launches

Earlier in May, Giuseppe Graziano announced the Early Access version of LXME, the Liquid Domain Market Exchange. Today LXME officially launched and is now live. LXME is for 3 letter .com domain names only. It is not clear what the selling fee is. The LXME website says: “Fees should not be as high as 15%. LXME […]

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Tough Domains launches intelligent domain marketplace to buy and sell domains

This is a sponsored post from Tough Domains. who currently offers domain tools such as for sale landing pages has recently launched a new domain marketplace. Domain Investors for Startups looking for domains can now find premium domains for sale through this new intelligent domain marketplace. There are already many public and private marketplaces […]

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A new Efty is coming soon

Efty just released in a tweet a sneak preview of the new Efty that is coming soon. You can see a few of the new features and the control panel is a short video: Sneak preview. #TheNewEfty — Efty (@eftycom) April 18, 2018 A couple of weeks back Efty introduced a new bulk import […]

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#NameJet invites you to sell more #domain names in 2018

NameJet had a stellar year in 2017, and they are opening up the gates for more domain sales this year. In an email sent out to members selling domain names through NameJet, the domain selling venue outlined the improvements it achieved in 2017: If you haven’t sold on NameJet in a while, now’s the time! […]

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Efty brings SSL (HTTPS) encryption to its marketplaces

Efty announced today that they are bringing SSL (HTTPS) encryption to Efty marketplaces for all users on the Growth, Pro and Lifetime plans. Here is how Efty describes how this is important and how to enable SSL on marketplaces: Why is this important? Earlier this year Google started labeling any websites that do not have […]

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