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February 18, 2018 06:37

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How to Immediately Stop Being Average (at Anything); 9 Mistakes You’re Making With Your iPhone

Alexa Is On the Rise. Where Could That Leave Domains? The Secret to Security — Is Secrecy; How to 1) Get Into Peak States, 2) Make Bold Decisions, 3) Invest In Yourself, and 4) Achieve Your Most Audacious Goals; Ethereum will pass Bitcoin in 2018: my cryptocurrency investment portfolio; VR headset program helps prevent motion […]

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Research finds homograph attacks on big brands rife

Apparent domain name homograph attacks against major brands are a “significant” problem, according to research from Farsight Security. The company said last week that it scanned for such attacks against 125 well-known brands over the three months to January 10 and found 116,113 domains — almost 1,000 per brand. Homographs are domains that look like […]

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GoDaddy and DomainTools scrap over Whois access

GoDaddy has seriously limited DomainTools’ access to its customers’ Whois records, pissing off DomainTools. DomainTools CEO Tim Chen this week complained to DI that its access to Whois has been throttled back significantly in recent months, making it very difficult to keep its massive database of domain information up to date. Chen said that DomainTools […]

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Big changes at DomainTools as privacy law looms

Regular users of DomainTools should expect significant changes to their service, possibly unwelcome, as the impact of incoming European Union privacy law begins to be felt. Professional users such as domain investors are most likely to be impacted by the changes. The company hopes to announce how its services will be rejiggered to comply with […]

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New Trump appointee slams ICANN after security group shutdown

Not even a month into the job, the US official with most direct responsibility over domain name policy has criticized ICANN for shutting down a security working group. David Redl, the new assistant secretary at the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, wrote to ICANN (pdf) last week to complain about its board unilaterally shutting down, […]

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HyphBot : How Adform discovered the ad scam botnet

Hyphbot is a bot network that generated more than $500,000 dollars a day, by forwarding traffic to its money-making videos. The network faked the originating source of traffic, making advertisers believe they were buying traffic from legitimate resources on major networks. Traffic fraud costs billions of dollars to advertisers every year, and HyphBot is one […]

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Three billion emails : Every single Yahoo user account was compromised!

In December, we wrote about the massive security breach at Yahoo, affecting more than one billion accounts. At the time, Yahoo announced that sensitive user information, such as names, telephone numbers, dates of birth, encrypted passwords and unencrypted security questions had been leaked. Since then, Yahoo was sold to Verizon, and formed Oath along with […]

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SSL comes to landing page tools, but at a price

Services that make it easy to create landing pages across multiple domains need to implement SSL. Next month is the deadline for most sites to move to https with an SSL certificate. At that point, Google’s Chrome browser will give a “not secure” warning when someone visits a page with any type of form. This […]

Read more : List of “Equifax domains” getting longer following data breach

A scandalous data breach at Equifax affecting millions of consumers has exposed personal information, including credit card numbers. The credit reporting bureau scrambled to provide a search feature and information about the incident, but things aren’t looking good. Today, Equifax stock dipped to $90 dollars per share, down from $143 in August, before rising up […]

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Kudos to XYZ Registry : Kicks malware scammer’s butt

The XYZ Registry promptly disabled a scammer’s attempts at phishing and causing financial loss, utilizing fake malware warnings. Using a recently registered .XYZ domain, the scammer created a subdomain under it, then bought ad space at various Yahoo! networks. The subdomain would display a fake Microsoft page, freezing the web browser with a pop up […]

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