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November 22, 2017 18:08

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Three billion emails : Every single Yahoo user account was compromised!

In December, we wrote about the massive security breach at Yahoo, affecting more than one billion accounts. At the time, Yahoo announced that sensitive user information, such as names, telephone numbers, dates of birth, encrypted passwords and unencrypted security questions had been leaked. Since then, Yahoo was sold to Verizon, and formed Oath along with […]

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SSL comes to landing page tools, but at a price

Services that make it easy to create landing pages across multiple domains need to implement SSL. Next month is the deadline for most sites to move to https with an SSL certificate. At that point, Google’s Chrome browser will give a “not secure” warning when someone visits a page with any type of form. This […]

Read more : List of “Equifax domains” getting longer following data breach

A scandalous data breach at Equifax affecting millions of consumers has exposed personal information, including credit card numbers. The credit reporting bureau scrambled to provide a search feature and information about the incident, but things aren’t looking good. Today, Equifax stock dipped to $90 dollars per share, down from $143 in August, before rising up […]

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Kudos to XYZ Registry : Kicks malware scammer’s butt

The XYZ Registry promptly disabled a scammer’s attempts at phishing and causing financial loss, utilizing fake malware warnings. Using a recently registered .XYZ domain, the scammer created a subdomain under it, then bought ad space at various Yahoo! networks. The subdomain would display a fake Microsoft page, freezing the web browser with a pop up […]

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Domain security : DomainTools rolls out Threat Profile in beta

DomainTools is rolling out Threat Profile, a new security tool that identifies domains that can be used for phishing, malware or spam campaigns – before that happens! This type of “Minority Report” utilizes heuristic algorithms that can efficiently crunch through data, and allocate probability of malicious use to domain names, quite accurately. Sounds a lot […]

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Over 750 domains hijacked in attack on Gandi

Gandi saw 751 domains belonging to its customers hijacked and redirected to malware delivery sites, the French registrar reported earlier this month. The attack saw the perpetrators obtain Gandi’s password for a gateway provider, which it did not name, that acts as an intermediary to 34 ccTLD registries including .ch, .se and .es. The registrar […]

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GoDaddy launches security service after Sucuri acquisition

GoDaddy has revealed the first fruits of its March acquisition of web security service provider Sucuri. It’s GoDaddy Website Security, what appears to be a budget version of the services Sucuri already offers on a standalone basis. For $6.99 per month ($83.88/year), the service monitors your web site for malware and removes it upon request. […]

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CIRA and Nominum offering DNS firewall

Canadian ccTLD registry CIRA has started offering DNS-based security services to Canadian companies. The company has partnered with DNS security services provider Nominum to develop D-Zone DNS Firewall, which it said lets customers “block access to malicious content before it can reach their network”. It’s basically a recursive DNS service with a layer of filterware […]

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Massive ransomware attack hits 150 countries, brought down by a domain reg

A massive outbreak of malware on Friday hit thousands of organizations in an estimated 150 countries and had a big impact on the UK National Health Service before being temporarily thwarted by a single domain name registration. WannaCry, as the malware has been called, targets Windows boxes that have not installed a March security patch. […]

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